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Lelahel Guardian Angel Born April 15 to 20

Lelahel Guardian Angel reveals to the person the most fruitful way of using his own resources, but at the same time he makes aware of the existence of such resources and of the way to access them. In this way it confers the power to exploit great opportunities. Moreover, given that Lelahel has the Venusian power to embellish everything, thanks to him, the person can enhance his natural beauty, enjoy good health, obtain happiness in love; but also to make good business and successfully undertake an artistic career. Lelahel dominates everything related to the sentimental sphere and that of notoriety, science and health. It therefore allows people to become famous for their actions and abilities, especially in the arts and medicine, and even to obtain a resounding financial fortune.

In fact, people born in this period grow, and certainly grow, this is their task. They extend, take, overcome, wish and take again, always. They do not even have a precise direction – for the conquest is an insatiable necessity for them. They are like a flame that seeks food everywhere, and where it finds its flare and grows. Only in this way can these people really be themselves, and bring this breath of will into the world. Do not waste time wondering why … or whether it’s right or wrong; they would not find an answer, and would only interfere with the impetuous force of nature that seeks expression in them, happy to produce ever new needs.

Whoever is born under this divine influence has much power to cut off evil. It is endowed with great idealism and balance. He is always ready to help those in need, even making sacrifices, acting disinterestedly. It bears a rare jewel called inner light. Sometimes it may lack the strength of will, or even leave the battlefield, but then there is the rebirth, the gold boros, the serpent that bites its own tail, in the explicit sense of regeneration. Always with his open and alert intelligence, he makes the impossible word not part of his dictionary. He feels the protection of God and the angelic world, being able to have strong psychic contact with his guardian angel, being not difficult also the contact with intelligences of other galaxies.

It is easy to pick up messages and psychograph them, getting in tune with the world of the dead or even unconsciously moving objects. The misteryes attracts you and fascinates you. They develop in a scientific way the concepts sent to him from the Astral, and through analysis and study of traditional texts about angels, simplify them so that everyone can understand the beauty of this science. He will work to have his name honored and known to all and will use his knowledge for great causes, mainly to improve the standard of living, conscience and culture of others. Being an adept of unconventional science and technology, he will have ideas and suggestions for the construction of model hospitals and techniques of spiritual healing or the use of crystals.

Lelahel PrayerPsalm 9:12 Psallite Domino, qui habitat in Sion; annuntiate inter gentes studia eius

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