Leuviah Guardian Angel of Born June 22 to 26

Leuviah Guardian Angel represents and dispenses the part of the energies of Saturn that is linked to Jupiter, mitigated by expansion and joy. Leuviah inspires and Justice, hopes that the Law will be applied according to the Spirit, but in him, Grace prevails over rigor. – God merciful, or God who hears sinners.

Leuviah supports the realization of a celestial world in the density of matter and is the bringer of wealth and abundance in every area of life. His energy is aimed at realizing the qualities of balance in man. He inspires a prudent, judicious, measured, amiable, modest personality, capable of measuring his own demands and not losing his good humor even in adversity.

The who will know how to listen to him and entrust himself to him will know how to foresee the common good and the actual possibilities of achieving it. Everything he decides will have happy outcomes in the implementation phase.

Leuviah Angel of Expansion

Those born under this influence are kind, youthful, modest in their words, and simple in their way of being. He will bear all adversities with patience and resignation, as he knows that this is a form of material and spiritual evolution.

Extremely inquisitive, he will always be willing to learn and pass on each experience. He will have cultural refinement and will love music, poetry and the arts in general. He will have angelic against opponents, against those who try to harm him or who use his name improperly.

This protection is like a great wall of etheric light, invisible to ordinary people’s eyes. He will have complete control over the events of your life. He will attain God’s grace when he remains steadfast and resolute in the fight for his ideals.

– Verse 2 of Psalm 39

Leuviah Guardian Angel exhorts us to express, with art, a new science and a new spirituality to help build the Beauty of a renewed world.

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