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Liberation prayer and renunciation of evil forces

Liberation prayer, if something oppresses you, say this prayer if you feel a sense of continuous oppression if you feel heavy discomfort inside you. It is a three-part invocation, which offers a sense of liberation.

Liberation prayer for oneself

Holy Father Almighty and merciful God in the Name of Jesus Christ, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, send your Holy Spirit upon me. Spirit of the Lord come down upon me found me, mold me, fill me with You, grant me, use me, heal me, chase away all the forces of evil from me, annihilate them, destroy them, so that I may be well and do good.

Kill the evil, the witchcraft, the black magic, the black masses, the bindings, the curses, the diabolical infestation, the diabolical possession, the diabolical obsession; all that is evil, sin, envy, jealousy, perfidy, discord, impurity, infatuation; physical, mental, moral, spiritual, diabolical illness. Burn all these evils in hell, because they never have to touch me and any other creature in the world again.

In the Name of Jesus Christ Savior through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin, I command and command all unclean spirits, all presences that harass me, to leave me immediately, to leave me definitively and to go to eternal hell, chained by Saint Michael the Archangel, from Saint Gabriel, from Saint Raphael, from my guardian angel. Crushed under the heel of the Most Holy Immaculate Virgin. Give me, Father, a lot of faith, joy, health, peace, and all the graces I need. Your Most Precious Blood Jesus our Lord, be upon me. Amen.

Liberation prayer to Jesus the liberator

Lord Jesus Christ who you are the friend and Redeemer of all men in whose Name everyone must find salvation and before whom every knee bends in heaven, on earth, and in the underworld. I beg you for me that I adore you as the only true God to illuminate and visit my heart, to remove from me any temptation, oppression, and threat of the enemy. Heal me from sins and infirmities so that by adhering to your lovable and perfect will, you will obey your Gospel with perseverance and maybe a worthy home for the Holy Spirit.

Liberation prayer act of renunciation of evil

I reject the evil that has infiltrated my life because I have moved away from Jesus. I have abandoned the sacraments. I have neglected prayer because I have dedicated myself only to what passes. I reject the evil that I accepted and that I foolishly committed through ignorance or lightness, through anger or unconsciousness, for fear of being considered different, for fear of being criticized. I become aware and portray any evil that I have done and which I have caused to society as a whole. In a special way, I reject spiritually polluting actions: blasphemies, promises, and false oaths, usury, unjust delay of payments, injustices, favoritism, spirit sessions, and all occult practices.
Save me, Christ, the Savior, by the power of your cross. Amen.

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