Life in the time of the coronavirus

Life in the time of the coronavirus, I find it correct to start from the Word, especially from the gospel that speaks of the man born blind. This passage from the Gospel of John makes me think a little about all of us who pray for the miracle of healing from this virus, and wait a little helpless as the unfortunate blind man can do nothing. Yet as the Lord invites the no longer blind to believe, we too must not think of a God who will heal us, but of a God who sends us his Spirit to make us believe, to make us resist, to make us endure difficulties. Also remember that despite death, life flourishes, it does so in the awakening of nature, it does so in the births that are there every day. It would be a strong sign of hope if in the daily news, in addition to talking about illness and death, we also talked about life.

Life in the time of the coronavirus, accompaniment

If I think of accompaniment, I believe that these days each of you has a strong experience of accompaniment, not just spiritual. I feel strong in many the desire for a comparison of listening to the great issues. And if we feel stuck in an absence of life planning that arises from not knowing what will happen tomorrow, we need to feel connected and many friends who get in touch with each of us to find out how we are. The groups come alive in video calls that are moments of communion and prayer, the priests look for a way to enter into communion with the community. I believe that when all this ends we should keep this return to the importance of the person. To the comparison that has inevitably become one by one at this time, to grow as a community accompanied by the fraternal sense of friendship and communion, which arises from the desire to know and understand how everyone is living their own life and meeting with Lord.

Life in the time of the coronavirus, information

I believe that in these days we are reflecting on information, everyone is waiting with trepidation and hope, for information without filters, without rereading, in which everyone tries to take the data that is significant for him. However, we are in a reality of fake news and perhaps we are all realizing the strength of the information and communication of which it is appropriate to be able to read with a critical mind what happens and how it is told. Communication is taking place in various ways, from the pressing invitation to (stay at home) made by doctors and politicians sometimes with more bar language than a parliamentary classroom, from the radio, to get to the improvised flashmob. Surely how everything can be criticized, but in the end, they just want to be a sign of humanity, a sign of resilience, a sign that together we want to shout our YES to life and recovery. Then in private we will cry, laugh, and pray for our loved ones and all those people we do not know but who have left life on these tragic days.

Thinking about the service in this time of coronavirus I think of those who work in the hospital and in the various host communities, doctors, nurses, health personnel, their task is difficult because far more than we are aware of the dangers they run. Having chosen a profession that has social as well as economic significance requires the conscience to give the best of you! There are people who, while being able to stay at home, make their time available to help those who otherwise would not survive the virus, I think of the volunteers of homelessness services, first aid volunteers, those who help migrants, anyone who is aware of the risks of this period he extends a hand, gives help to a brother in difficulty.

Everything will be fine.

This post was published on April 29, 2020 4:36 pm