Live intensely every moment of your life

Live intensely every moment of your life. My main goal is to give each reader some of what I learned about guardian angels. To write it I did not rely solely on my inspiration, I used many books for research and several years of lessons were of great use to further deepen my knowledge. I do not wish to reveal, nor do I want them to imagine that I intend to impose my truth on someone. But the conviction that God has given me intelligence and reasoning makes me certain that blind or fanatical beliefs are not his will.

The current problem with many religions is that they want us to believe that what they preach is the one and only truth and everything else is a thing of the devil. God is light and to feel it you must clear up the doubts of your soul. If after these words you are not interested in knowing the angelic world, this indicates that you are not yet mature in spirit for this theme. This however is not definitive and when maturity is reached, you will know it. When we begin the study of any mystical theme, we are usually filled with fear, which gradually disappears as knowledge is acquired.

Your personal guardian angel has been with you from the day of your birth until the day of disincarnation. It is he who will guide your next stage of learning in the Higher Self, for a possible return to Earth. You chose your karma before incarnating and you will have to live it. So live intensely every moment of your life. Breathe life, it’s too good to live. The news of some people who have had a respiratory arrest and died for a few minutes are unanimous when they claim to have seen someone shining and lovingly leading them somewhere. These people at that time were receiving the help of the guardian angel who takes the most convenient form based on their belief.

Problems are part of everyone’s daily life. Many people seek the strength of the angelic world, wishing to obtain grace on the first day, forgetting that they must first become worthy of that grace. If you ask for help to solve a problem and it is not answered, don’t get angry, but ask: did I deserve this grace? Take it easy and think. God is the great father and never abandons us. Unhappiness leaves the guardian angel without action. The angel does not participate in unhappiness, he is waiting for the moment when you decide to stop suffering and therefore transformation can take place.

Remember that occasion when you needed a friend, called and through a good conversation everything became clear? Rest assured that your guardian angel has asked the guardian of the friend to whom you addressed for help. The same thing happens when you feel like reading a book or visiting a friend. Have fun and get a rose and live. Perhaps you will not act as an intermediary to help that person. Angels are mainly present where there are children. Small children usually have an invisible friend, for those who do not have petty or bad thoughts in their hearts, the friend is quite visible …. he is their guardian angel.

When making a prayer, always use the present time. Be careful with the word no. Never say (I don’t want to be fat, I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want to be old). This (does not) confuses and disturbs your request because it enters the unconscious which is very powerful and the angels speak to you in your sleep. Guardian Angels have no memory and never judge. For all your requests, say (lucky my wish is satisfied).

This post was published on November 19, 2019 9:59 pm

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