Love does not cancel the past but transforms the future

Love does not cancel the past but transforms the future. The mistakes made do not matter, the times that have broken our hearts. The past can not be erased, it remains there, invisible, to alert us like an alarm when circumstances become threatening, but if we look ahead we will discover new possibilities for the future. Let us not allow a disappointment to prevent us from finding love again.

Let’s open the heart when we feel that the wounds have healed. Even if the past has not yet gone, we must not think that the future has the same color. We can always change our vision and take another perspective from which to observe the world. We do not stop trying, we look for the best for us, what makes us happy. Nothing is like loving.

Let us not forget that we will be able to glimpse a better future only when we have stopped crying and the past will no longer weigh on us. To this end, we try to fill our emotional bag with experiences that are useful for growth, instead of fears that imprison us and do not advance us. To close the doors to love because of the suffering experienced or to stop trusting others because of a betrayal, simply means surrendering to circumstances. We forget that love is the best antidote to pain.

Love takes care of everything

Maybe not, maybe yes, who knows. If we hide, we close because we are afraid of the ghosts of the past or because we believe they are all the same, if we have made disillusionment with our lifestyle because they have hurt us, we can hardly find out. If we avoid love because of past histories, we will somehow continue to keep them alive.

It’s not easy; the greater of the number of negative experiences accumulated, the harder one will make our armor. We may need force in large doses to break it. But do not worry, it takes time and care to heal. The important thing is to be aware, to pay attention and not to chastise or limit oneself.

Time will give new opportunities, as long as we are willing to catch them. Love is out there. Everyone knows how to find it in his own way, in other people or in other places. In fact, it does not need to be love for someone, even love for music allows us to believe in a different future, love for children, for friends, for travel … We must discover ourselves what love makes us see the future differently.

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