Love yourself is never too late to find yourself

Love yourself is never too late. If human growth were dictated by an innate and automatic system, all human beings would spontaneously find the path to self-realization. Human life does not follow the law of instinct alone and it is precisely for this reason that it becomes possible to get lost. Disorient and remain prisoners of boundless trauma and pain like storm surges that sweep away the beaches of serenity.

The fragility with which we are woven is a thin thread that can break in the wound of a denied love. But it is also the possibility of being reborn as dewdrops that water the confused days of the past with hope. It is never too late to learn to love yourself and to take care of your soul. Waiting for a caress of comfort, words of reassurance, or a simple hug of warm love.

Love yourself, hope, and serenity

We can take the colors of hope and bring light back into the darkness within us. We can write down new lines of poetry in the diary of our days and start asking ourselves again where are the dawn of peace and the sunset of inner serenity.

We can decide to shed tears of forgiveness in the furrows of a past steeped in resentment and resentment towards those who have mistreated us. To know that they too are lost souls in search of lost joy.

We can go back to kneeling in the humility of sincere prayer. Even if our faith falters like the flame of a candle that risks extinguishing under the wind of doubt and unbelief. We can go back to running in the meadows kissed by the sun and by the scents that intoxicate the heart with wide breaths.

We can decide that we truly deserve the chance to be happy and enjoy the journey of life, hunting for stars and an infinity that dwells within us. We can come back to ourselves with the desire to truly know ourselves and to know that it is never too late to love ourselves.

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