Maharishi effect and transcendental meditation

The Maharishi effect occurs when a group of people practices mental techniques to direct their thinking in a particular direction. The Maharishi Effect comes from the transcendental meditation techniques of the Maharishi master Mahesh Yogi. He is the founder of the technique known as Transcendental Meditation and the movement related to it.

What is the Maharishi effect?

The Maharishi effect can manifest itself when a group of people – with a certain level of awareness – practices some specific mental techniques together and manages to direct their thinking in a particular direction. Coincidentally, there is a marked improvement in social trends in a large surrounding region. Like a reduction in crime, accidents, disease, and other problems, even an improvement in the economy.

According to the theories of the Master, the human brain would in fact be able to counteract electromagnetic fields, canceling some harmful effects, and helping the human being to live in harmony with the Cosmos.

The Maharishi Effect has been tested many times by various research institutes with rigorous methods and controls. There is a scientific explanation, proposed by Maharishi International University. According to which the mind is not physically isolated from the surrounding environment but also follows natural laws.

The powers of transcendental meditation

Transcendental Meditation is based on the repetition of a specific mantra for a few minutes, twice a day. Which according to the Master’s teaching would allow the mind to reach a natural state of – objectless awareness – or – thoughtless – called transcendence. Which would deeply relax the body and refresh the mind itself, bringing various benefits to the practitioner.

According to tantric philosophy, the repetition of the personal mantra (given at the act of initiation by the Master or by his authorized emissary) rhythmically combined with breathing. It leads to a state in which the fulfillment of the Dharma and liberation from the cycles of death and rebirth and therefore of union with the Divine can be obtained.

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