Mahasiah 5 Kabbalah Angel Meditation

Mahasiah qualities are captivating and pleasant, harmony with the world and with other human beings, ability to choose the right path, to forgive and to pay for one’s faults. Success in the scientific field and in the practice of liberal professions, joy of life, ease of learning (in science as in mysticism, and in regard to the mysteries of the spirit), positive results in the exams. The Angel of the Abyss contrary to the works of Mahasiah represents family and school failures. Inspires pride, religious fanaticism. It brings ignorance, lack of interest in culture and study, listlessness and difficulty in learning; debauchery and diseases of the body and spirit.


According to the Kabbalah this Name conveys a spiritual power of ing, which evokes the liberation that Moses was able to bring to the same people he had helped to subdue. A power that is obtained on the one hand, meditating on the needs of others, and on our opportunities to intervene in their aid, on the other hand on the assumption of responsibility that allows us to renounce every victimistic attitude.

Now by concentrating your vision on the Name Mahasiah, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: by the power of this Name I bring the ing to the deepest and most intense level of my being. The of Light pervades me and enables me to take care of the people who need to .

Mahasiah Angel

Love – Expression of feelings through art. They will meet the great Love in an artistic environment, beautiful, among flowers and pure air, and therefore with pure , in search of what is transcendent

Money – For women, the husband of great standing will provide for the economic well-being of the house. For men, fate will bring important gains through work

th – Essential advice, very useful for keeping fit, will come through friends. Good th through knowledge and through Knowledge

Career – Fights to be won. Struggles to impose their . They know that, to succeed, they will have to overcome the established security barriers of social consensus. Successful assured in all cutting-edge jobs.

– Aptitude to spread luminous firmly and definitively. They will be put in contact with the primordial Source of Life, through the one and only bond that links us with the …. the Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel of people born between 10 and 14 April. Other days of the presence of the angel are: 25 March – June 7 – 21 August – November 2 – January 13

Every day from 1.20am to 1.40am
Fire Element
Zodiacal position from the 21st to the 25th degree of Aries


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