Mahasiah Guardian Angel Born April 10 to 14


Mahasiah Guardian Angel influences the social sphere within which the person acts, this means that the spirituality spread around him by the individual will be rendered to him, a hundredfold. It is a spirituality that is expressed in the form of philosophical considerations and speculations. Mahasiah Angel influences meetings with people intent on analyzing their own and others’ emotions, thoughts, and instincts.

This leads to self-knowledge, and through it to make progress even in the comprehension of cosmic truths. People born under the divine influence of this angel will find in the people who love them continuous sources of revelations. The more they will be trustworthy the more they will rely on him to ask for inspiration and help in keeping themselves safe from erroneous reveries, procuring the angelic guide also by acting correctly and sincerely.

It is up to the Angel to show us how man is required to act, to become the building that houses the deity operating in its many aspects (the Angels themselves). But we must not forget that this guide can only be expressed if we consciously request it. If invoked, Mahasiah Guardian Angel grants the balance, despite the strong desire to be right at all costs.

His help can improve the character, and consequently, make people more attractive, even in outward appearance. Mahasiah Guardian Angel gives the opportunity to reconcile more people or make peace with everyone. It grants premonitory dreams and understanding of the message that comes from small everyday facts. The pleasure of simple things, success in exams and in the search for a job, and also the achievement of responsibility tasks.

Anyone born under this influence will learn everything easily and quickly, including languages, because it brings memories of other incarnations. It is always transforming, being born, dying and reborn in all areas, both in sentimental and professional life.

He is endowed with great inner balance, a sense of justice, generosity, and wisdom. He will spare no effort for spiritual growth, both himself and his family. It always acts according to the laws, social or human. It is an example of virtue and the intense light of its aura can be clearly seen on the shoulders and head.

Its truth lies in logical reason, approached through studies of philosophy. It is easy to work with magical ceremonies, spiritual forces and communication with the angels; will be at the service of the angelic world. He will like centers of meditation, conferences, congresses and spiritual seminaries.

It always conserves the conscience, when it uses spirituality. It will serve exclusively your truth, which is your God. You will tend to live sumptuously. Your home can be large, clear, comfortable, full of flowers, symbolic objects and will probably have a large library.

Mahasiah Guardian Angel is the fifth Breath of God, the fifth angelic ray in the Neptunian Choir of the Seraphim Angels led by the Archangel Metatron, in which he governs the energies of the Sun. His element is Fire; has the Zodiacal House from the 20th to the 25th degree of Aries

Mahasiah Prayer – Psalm 33:5