Manakel Angel 66th of the Kabbalah Meditation Prayer

Manakel angel urges us to go beyond what we see. To understand the life that is hidden under the material forms. It invites you to cultivate the skills to read in dreams and to distinguish between good and evil, to put them at the service of the world. Manakel angel qualities are openness and benevolence towards others, good character, stability, sense of justice, ability to discern between good and evil.

Agibol is the name of the angel of the abyss that contrasts Manakel’s works. It represents violence and guilt. It causes antipathy and bad physical and moral qualities.

Manakel Angel Meditation – Responsibility

The profound intuition that this guardian angel can give us is that by its very nature existence is a source of pain, but that in the face of wounds we can react by clinging to suffering. Or trusting in the divine plan, accelerate healing by finding trust. According to Kabbalah, the syllables of this Name emanate the energy capable of confusing self-pity.

Now, concentrating your vision on the Name Manakel, without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: I understand that every event has a reason and I reject every inclination to self-pity, revenge, and revenge. I perceive that each of us is the architect of our own lives and that from this moment I can change the course of my existence, therefore I meditate on the change now.

Through this meditation, it is possible to obtain a peaceful and serene life, happy intuitions, success in the trades related to fishing, plant products, and marine minerals.

Manakel Angel 66 of Kabbalah Horoscope

Love – Not wanting to embellish or conceal one’s passions or defects, because in doing so you give importance to what you want to impose.

Money – A particularly important entry of money into your chests should not change your life. With this money, you should change the world … improve it. You can change many things starting with the quality of life of those closest to you.

Health – Manakel Angel protects against joint rheumatism and bone deformities. Is there a disorder in your work, at home, inside you? In this case, stand out, be noticed with high actions in the service of others.

Career – You approach the highest level in your work, others look at you. Bring out what you have highest in your soul. Eliminate your bad habits. Occupy your place in the movement of the cosmos

Esoteric initiation – They will have access to knowledge about art and the way in which the great architect of the universe built the world.

Manakel Birth Angel

This Angel teaches seriousness, modesty, allowing us to gain the trust and esteem of others. It allows us to make ourselves useful and demonstrate our professional skills. It helps to manage us wisely also from an economic point of view, to be respectful of the laws and to establish a good relationship with family members. It favors the expression of our talents through a judicial career.

Manakel Guardian Angel from 15 to 19 February, other days of the presence of this angel are:
May 27
August 10
October 22
January 22
March 14

Every day from 9.40 pm to 10.00 pm

Air element
Zodiacal position from 26th to 30th of Aquarius

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