Manakel Guardian Angel Born February 15 to 19

Manakel Angel dominates every vegetation force and has a strong influence on sleep and dreams. Manakel impresses the Law (from the Saturnine energy that belongs to him) in the Image Center (that is, in the dimension of the imaginary and of communication, his own of the lunar energy of the Archangel Gabriel which dominates his Choir).

The person has the gift of modesty and seriousness that will earn him trust and sympathy from everyone: in fact, people will not see him as a rival, but as an ally. He will, therefore, be driven to stable situations in which he will be permanently useful. These people are excellent stewards of goods, they love the family, they respect authority.

Manakel Angel stimulates the happy and early manifestation of female personalities. By its grace, in fact, everything that the individual undertakes will bear implicitly or concretely a directorial mark, but in a particular connotation. If the person in the subject is female, he will be destined to direct, if he is a man he will be headed by a woman.

It will be the lunar energy dispensed by Manakel Guardian Angel to grant stability to the leadership roles assumed by women; intending with stability also the ease of finding a new one if you wish to change role.

For the same energy, through the Prayer to Manakel, it will be possible to find work quickly despite any negative influences expressed by the Angel of the Abyss.

This Angel transmits laws concerning constructions, thus influences the phenomenon of building in general, putting engineers in his sphere above all; but also all the professionals related to the construction and mechanics sectors.

Manakel Angel of knowledge

Whoever is born under this divine influence brings together the most beautiful qualities of soul and personality. He will be known for his good character and kindness to all people. He will endure all problems without complaining, has a clear conscience, and knows always when and how to act.

An eternal fighter will be a positive stimulus for each and for the community. Your motto is to win! The stranger does not frighten him and thinks he is only afraid of dying, who does not know how to live.

Always vigilant, it manages to develop a strong power of capturing (unconscious) and (conscious) observation and applies it in all situations. He always draws up optimistic and logical plans, not measuring efforts to accomplish them with much success.

Delicate and skillful host, she is always on good terms with everyone because of her simple and gentle way of listening to all with tenderness. He can not hide his feelings from anyone. You should always listen to the voice of your conscience, which is a special being that counts on God’s protection.

Manakel Prayer – Psalm 37:22 

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