Mehiel Angel 64 of Kabbalah Meditation

Mehiel Angel 64th urges you to put your talent at the service of life, using your leadership qualities to operate in the world with courage and love in the interest of all living beings. The qualities developed by Mehiel 64th Angel are a great emotional and physical moral creative force, inner purification, balanced thoughts, and feelings. Logical and communication skills.

Mehiel Angel gives persuasiveness with words, talent and gratification in the field of literature and teaching. He protects all activities and professions related to books and publishing, and communication. He protects against the anger of enemies and ferocious animals.

Darek is the name of the angel of the abyss who counteracts the actions of Mehiel Angel 64th. It represents the excessive tendency to passions. It inspires sterile disputes, animosity, useless disputes, plagiarism, lack of creativity, sentimental instability.

Mehiel Angel Meditation – put yourself in a good light –

According to Kabbalah, this Guardian Angel Name provides the most effective meditative tool for visualizing one’s inner beauty and externalizing it. Using a cinematic expression it can be said that it is able to give us our best shot. By offering it in the first place to others, so that then it reveals itself better to our conscience as well.

Now focus your vision on the meaning of the Name Mehiel, without thinking of anything else breathe, letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention – my being is wonderfully illuminated, suffused with the radiance of the Creator. Everyone around me sees the beautiful and positive aspects of my true self, as opposed to the distorted image projected by my ego.

Mehiel Angel 64th is the guardian angel of those born from 5 to 9 February. And it is the birth angel of people born in these days – according to the Tradition. His regency days are also: 12 March – 24-25 May – 8 August – 20 October – 31 December – He rules, every day, as an angel of the mission, from 09.00 pm. at 09.20 pm. Mehiel Angel Prayer is verse 18 of Psalm 32.

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