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Mehiel Guardian Angel Born February 5 to 9

Mehiel disposes of lunar energies, yet he transmits to the individuals, with his lunar power, also the Mercurian virtues. These then become concrete in actions, becoming events and situations. Mehiel gives people outstanding skills of logic and rationality; it inspires examples and images with which to wisely explain anything. Mehiel Guardian Angel makes the person disclose and reveal their inner life. At the same time, the laying bare of one’s intimacy, of the domestic hearth, of the maternal love, of all that is placed at the root of the feelings of great benefits. This Guardian Angel facilitates the affirmation of those who specialize in strictly personal problems, in the analysis of feelings.

For the intellect is projected inwards. Capture the Pure Waters of the Cosmic Source (which are also the energies of the Cancer Zodiac Sign), raw material for the formation of feelings, and projects them outwards, connected to the Divine Cosmic Waters the intellect will produce communications of rare beauty that will inspire poets and their compositions. People protected by Mehiel will have great communication skills that will make them very effective in the expression of any idea, be they literates, psychologists, teachers or journalists. But since their angel leads the sentimental potential to the outside, they will also be able to exceed the passion by becoming inconstant in love.

Anyone born under this influence will be an exceptional type and will be distinguished by the willpower to learn. Tolerant, generous, you will understand everyone, leaving the people at your side happy. You will always look at the positive side of people and understand their faults. Always have the best part, because being well, will take care of the well-being of all. Mature, has bright intellect and a perfect body. Enthusiastic and full of vitality, he knows how to balance reason and passion. He loves to love and be loved, having need to possess and give affection, as a pleasant way of living.

Always protect the family with the enormous strength it possesses. It may sometimes seem a bit naïve, because by considering everyone as friends, you do not realize the betrayal. It hurts easily, especially if it is treated unfairly. It will always be the center of attention, because, besides splendidly dressing, it does great things like trips, meetings or parties. You are right when you consider that everything is in your favor even in difficult stages. In his life there is no place for superstitions or beliefs in the forces of fate.

Mehiel Prayer – Psalm 32:18 Ecce, oculi Domini super metuentes eum, et in eos, qui sperant super misericordia eius.


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