Melahel 23rd Kabbalah Angel Meditation and Powers

Melahel 23rd Kabbalah Angel gives the will of healing towards oneself, towards others, and towards the world. Therefore ecological spirit, ability to care, love for plants, desire to heal, good human relationships. He also gives objectivity, conciseness, precision, hope, great adaptability.

Melahel Angel 23rd exhorts us to draw on the forces that his energy dispenses to overcome any inertia and distrust. In addition to observing and listening to their dreams, drawing inspiration from them to evolve and bring messages to the world.

Joumiel is the name of the dark angel who contrasts the actions of Melahel Angel 23rd on earth. It represents the risk of accidents, especially with weapons. He causes a need to pollute, soil, and destroy. It brings diseases to vegetation and humans such as depression, and even the plague.

Melahel 23rd Kabbalah Angel Meditation – sharing the flame

Evil is powerless in the face of good, as evidenced by the smallest flame that always prevails over darkness. Therefore darkness exists only in the absence of light, in other words, it does not really exist, it is enough to introduce a source of light to be eradicated. This Name provides the ability to share the flame which can lead to the dissipation of all evil.

Now, focus your vision on the Name Melahel without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be permeated deeply, and for a long time by its meaning, pronounce this intention. By virtue of this Name, I will have the strength to put my purposes into practice. I will share the tools of Light with others and with the world knowing that this will give me immortality and inexhaustible joy.

Melahel 23rd Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love for Nature, for peace, for large spaces. Love for children. They bring purity and light to all they love, and of course to all those they love.

Money – Work profitably in the field of natural health. Through the dissemination or marketing of natural products, people can become rich and famous.

Health through plants. If they exercise a medical professional they will be interested in naturopathy, if they are pharmacists, their interest will be stimulated by herbal medicine. In general, in addition to being in a state of fullness and good health, they will be at the forefront of the fight for a healthy life and diet.

Career – Success in activities related to medicinal plants, in the pharmacy, or in the medical professions. It also succeeded in rescuing people involved in shipwrecks, accidents, famines

Esoteric initiation – Innate knowledge of the virtues of plants. After obtaining spectacular healings, they will become aware of the inner gifts that the angel arouses and highlights.

Melahel 23rd Kabbalah Angel is the Guardian Angel of those born between 12 and 16 July. Other days of his presence as Birth Angel are April 12 – June 26 – September 9 – November 20 – January 30. Every day from 7.20 am. to 7.40 am.

Element – Water
Zodiacal domicile from the 21st to the 25th of Cancer

Through invocation, it is possible to obtain water availability where this is necessary, as well as successful in high-risk initiatives. Traditional prayer verse 8 of Psalm 120

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