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Melahel Guardian Angel Born July 12 to 16

Melahel dispenses a healing that is especially valuable as a capacity to heal oneself and therefore others. First of all through an aptitude to preserve and protect; but also ability to heal intuitively and through herbs. The people protected by Melahel Guardian Angel, have a courageous nature, a lover of travels and expeditions, even dangerous; ability to distinguish yourself for honorable actions. Great predisposition to see and understand: Melahel makes the Law penetrate the intellect, so that the individual can understand everything, remaining calm and lucid in every activity;

Aiming to discover the relationship between material objects and the energies that produce them, often the person protected by this angel is initiated into the knowledge of the secrets that are behind the forces of Nature. By virtue of these characteristics, Melaehl assures lawmakers success and by extension to all those who draw up contracts, rules and statutes. Finally, he gives liberation from slanderers, weapons, fire and attacks, prosperity and happy unions.

Whoever is born under this influence is absolutely correct, likes everything put in order and never postpones what must be done. He has the mastery of communication, clearly expresses his feelings, although he may seem shy and introverted, No first contact with unknown people. It has strong premonitions about facts that happen when you least expect it. Spiritualist philosophy attracts you, it is an enlightened one.

He will be bold, able to undertake different and dangerous expeditions and perform exotic works. He will be an active ecologist, expert in healing plants. You will have extraordinary intuition to learn about people’s problems or their innermost secrets, helping them through their knowledge of plant secrets. He believes that God is truly present in nature.

Melahel Prayer Psalm 120:8 Dominus custodiet, introitum tuum et exitum tuum, ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum


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