Mem Bet Hey 55th Name of God

Mem Bet Hey hides the concept – I shape and produce spiritual forces. The vibrations of this Name confer great energy and self-denial, ideality, and tenacity. Lively imagination and acute sensitivity to ethical values, plus a clear, methodical, courageous, outgoing mind.

And yet all that is needed to undertake great and new works, without letting oneself be intimidated either by what already exists or by the resistance encountered by the new. Thus, from the point of view of angelology, the tradition according to which these must have been the days in which Jesus of Nazareth was born would be completely legitimate.

What does not find a foothold in the minds of the people governed by the Name Mem Bet Hey, is the elementary logic of earning, the prospect of accumulating money does not stimulate them, but it annoys them. They are people who gain momentum from the height of their ideals and the tension it takes to achieve them.

From the heroic image that in this way they can have of themselves with the consequence that the more disinterested their business is, the greater the gains end up being. Conversely, the more they try to worry about their own gain, the less they are able to commit to what they do. –First of all, seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these other things will be given to you in addition-as Jesus said.

Mem Bet Hey the search for the absolute

In their economic snobbery, there is a profound need for freedom, a search for the absolute, this is precisely the only real need of these people, to whom all their other more concrete needs are willingly sacrificed. Their main strength can certainly consist in this when they manage to dare and assert themselves in their profession or mission.

But sometimes their weakest point is also found here, as far as private life is concerned. They tend to idealize their partners and friends, settle for too little, and end up being trapped in sterile relationships. Concentrated in their activities or taken by their sublime goals, they have neither time nor sufficient concentration and will to be able to free themselves.

The fate of those influenced by the Name Mem Bet Hey would easily be splendid. If they could channel at least a small part of their very high aspirations into daily life. And to employ in realizing them, even only an infinitesimal of their organizational skills, the sublime instead takes them only upwards.

Quite understandably, it can happen that at some point they get fed up with the inadequacy of those around them. Oh, incredulous and perverse generation! How long will I have to put up with you? – (Matthew 17:17). And perhaps measuring in a gloomy moment the large difference between the ideals of their heart and the cheapness of the neighbor, they are tempted to consider as insignificant, and as senseless any attempt to bring ideas to the world.

We then have a hermit and enigmatic person, or skeptical, cynical, materialistic, sarcastic, or irritable in the face of everything related to spirituality or the invisible. The latter is a kind of inversion that instead of fortitude, generates the only animosity. Instead of moral values, just a little bit of moralism, and like all the systems, we adopt to defend ourselves from ourselves, a long and subtle spiral of unhappiness ensues.

Mem Bet Hey – Mebahiah Guardian Angel from 22 to 26 December

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