Mem Nun Daled 36th Name of God in Kabbalah

Mem Nun Dalet gives the courage to dominate our fears by comparing them at a deeper level with the truth and pulling them out of the roots. The basic problem is the following … the real fears we normally have are not related to the events we are experiencing. But as we load those events with something that is hidden within us, which has a very deep root within us. From this point of view the fears are a kind of our brain inventions, even if in reality they are not the result of imagination.

Of all the fears, the most important ones that often condition the our lives are those related to the unknown, in particular to death. The fear of dying is linked to the impossibility of having reliable data on what awaits us after death. In this sense the content of Psalm 25: 8 is achievable only by having overcome these fears. Because you can love the beauty of a house that is also in the heavens and you can love an imaginary place, even if real, where you live the glory of the Lord only if you are not afraid of the unknown if you do not fear the beyond.

Mem Nun Dalet helps us to go and take fear at its root, at the level of seed, and to eradicate it before it flowers, which turns into a plant, that is into a chronic phobia. The ability to understand what are the seeds, the legacies of the past that we are carrying with us, of which we must free ourselves, because they generate us fears that are not real, because these fears we are building them ourselves, derives from the correct use of Name Mem Nun Dalet.

If you have faith, you never fear anything.
What can frighten us if the Lord is with us?

If you are afraid, this is not coming from Him, but from our depth, and it is we who have allowed it to come out. As has often been said, fear is the true enemy of faith. Those who follow their ego and are linked to the Mem Name Nun Dalet, end up building a life of phobias and ghosts ending up with having (fear of fear). Wanting to prove to yourself that you are stronger than you really can be is an act of pride, as well as being a challenge to the Father. Every fear can be overcome, but only through faith. This is the path indicated by this Name, which also gives us the energy to travel it in order to honor this God who is Father and who loves us and protects us in every way.


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