Mem Vav Mem 72nd Name of God Meaning

Mem Vav Mem the vibration of this Name evokes the original concept hidden in the hieroglyph – it is I envelop all my questions on every side -. This is, in fact, the pattern of the very particular intelligence given by the last of the Seventy-two Names of God. What appears to be enclosed and immobilized are the functions of the rational mind – thought, awareness, calculation.

Instead, what surrounds them from all sides, are the powers of irrational functions, intuition, inspiration and all the other impulses of the spirit that run too fast for consciousness to follow its processes. It follows that by nature each person would use only intuition. The slowness of logical reasoning resembles his eyes, a deadly paralysis.

The need that other people have so often to explain, justify and document their hypotheses and opinions is torture for him. Supported by Mem Vav Mem the intellect of these people likes to leap forward, and immediately afterward still further. Accumulating in a very short time many flashes of discoveries. In so many directions that even if they wanted they would not be able to stop, to summarize them all.

The people governed by Mem Vav Mem (Mumiah Guardian Angel) could, therefore, become magnificent scientists and philosophers, and from childhood, they would be considered geniuses, if our schools were able to encourage the multiformity of their ideas. Instead, these highly gifted individuals often have the fate of the misunderstood. And because of their inability to adapt to the very limited learning and reasoning rhythms of their contemporaries, they risk ending up on the margins. and there to get lost in vain in the splendid interior panoramas of which they only know the maps.

Instead, they absolutely have to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Their task is to open the boundaries of knowledge. Their natural energies are enormous, and generally, they can also count on a considerable dose of luck. All they need to do is find the appropriate connections between their predominant irrational part and the demands of rationality. It is a research that promises to be long and patient, for this purpose it is good that they choose a profession that forces them to be patient, however tormenting it may be at the beginning. But they have to hold on.

Among other things, the most intense of their energies is the Yod. This is the rare therapeutic power that must be discovered, addressed and used, which puts in the hands of those who possess it disruptive potential. By acting unconsciously, destructive forces can be set in motion. But if you learn to use them, you get really far.

The instructions are in the message that our angel (Mumiah) sends us in this life, assigning us a precise evolutionary task. As for the middle ground, ordinary existences are places too narrow for such individuals to inhabit. They would see too clearly the shaded sides of the normal people who live and work alongside them: the nightmares, the horrors hidden in the silences and nuances of daily conversations.

Mem Vav Mem Psalm 114: 7 invites the soul to return to peace. When we fall into the throes of temptation, our soul loses its peace because it experiences the distance from God. When we purify our soul, we make it pure again and then return to peace.

This post was published on March 9, 2020 6:14 pm