Mem Vav Mem 72nd Name of God in Kabbalah

Mem Vav Mem is numerically the last of the Names of God. The meaning of the Name is: Spiritual Purification – Purification of Negativity. We all come to this world with spiritual defects to correct. These imperfections come from past lives and we cannot get rid of their negative influences until they have been corrected. Sometimes we lack the emotional courage and spiritual strength to correct all our faults. Furthermore, our egos use many tactics to distract us from what is best for us.

One of the most powerful of these tactics is cynicism: the idea that an intelligent human being should not even think of anything other than chaos. This is a convenient escape from not having to do the hard work of spiritual transformation. It allows us to see ourselves as innocent victims instead of making us accept the fact that we are responsible and fully responsible for the state of our lives.

There are two ways to purify

ourselves … pain, or proactive spiritual transformation. The path of pain hurts the body: our health, our finances, our personal lives. When we get sick or our health is unstable, if we lose a company or we fail, if the marriage ends, or if our children cause us suffering; this is all considered spiritual purification. The path of proactive spiritual transformation only hurts the ego. Mem Vav Mem focuses on the
ego, allowing us to purify and mercifully repair the iniquities of the past.

Meditating on these texts, press rewind and delete in your spiritual video. Purify your present life by correcting your transgressions in past lives. Mem Vav Mem also purifies our physical environment from spiritual impurities.

Psalm 114: 7 invites the soul to return to peace. When we fall into the throes of temptation, our soul loses its peace because it experiences the distance from God. When we purify our soul, we make it pure again and then return to peace.


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