Menadel Angel 36 Meditation – Absence of Fear

Menadel Angel urges to seek liberation by letting go of all fear. In the certainty of being repaid for their suffering and the trials we face. Courage will come from adhering to the project of the good in which we are always assisted by spiritual forces. Menadel Angel qualities are: availability towards others, altruism, love towards others. Menadel gives great vitality, powerful energies, long and happy life in which work will occupy a great deal of space. With the prayer addressed to Menadel Guardian Angel the means of subsistence can be obtained through work. Ease of obtaining employment and safety; release from captivity, from oppression, from false accusations.

Finally, he reveals the lost or stolen property and offers his help to bring the exiles back to their homeland. Semlim is the fallen angel who contrasts the works of Menadel Angel, it represents the blockage and the lack of sustenance. It creates impediments, blocks those who need freedom of movement, helps to escape the guilty who must account for the faults committed. Inertia for fear of worse consequences, accusations – even unfair, layoffs, job losses, decline in activities.

Menadel Angel Meditation – absence of fear

This meditation serves to remove the causes of fears, not just to try to keep them under control. Life should not consist of living with anxiety by coming to terms with the malaise between one attack and another, or with the reasons that make us fear something. Instead, we must strive for full happiness obtained thanks to complete freedom and authentic contentment. According to Kabbalah this Name provides the most effective meditative tool for those who want to achieve this goal and are not satisfied.

Now concentrating your vision on the Name Menadel, without thinking about anything else, breathe, allowing yourself to permeate deeply and for a long time from its meaning, pronounce this intention: for the power of this name now the courage to fight my fears arises. What scares me, and why? I face every fear proactively at the seed level, I root it out and I permanently remove it from my being.

Menadel Guardian Angel of anyone born between 18 and 23 September.
Other days of the presence of this divine protector are:
April 26
July 10
September 22
December 3
February 12
During the day from 11.40am to 12.00am
Earth element
Zodiacal position from 26th to 30th of Virgo

Through prayer it is possible to obtain: safe work, release from captivity, from oppression, from accusations.

Angelic powers

Love – Greater ease in friendship than in love. However, the first love will always remain alive; that’s what we need to cultivate. This first love will perhaps reside far away, it will be necessary to go and look for it also at the head of the world

Money – Convenient remuneration in the administration of goods, in relation to exiles or people who return to their country. The days of the angel’s regency are propitious for obtaining salary increases or for finding a good job.

Health – Menadel has powers on the teeth. With the invocation, relief can be found during toothache attacks. Dentists and their subordinates are also under Menadel’s protection.

Career – Preservation of hidden treasures. Success far from one’s birthplace. Search for treasures buried underground or at the bottom of the sea. Staying permanently in the same job perhaps obtained by invoking this angel.

Esoteric Initiation – They will be put in contact with the most sublime spiritual being further and closer to them: their Archangel. It is the desire of the guardian angel. The archangel will provide them with rich internal and external treasures, so that they can find the degree and dignity to which they are entitled.

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