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Menadel Guardian Angel Born September 18 to 23

Menadel is a step in the ladder leading to Chavakiah, even under his guidance the individual is driven to undertake a hard work of reflection on himself. Menadel inspires awe also to the mystics, because he is the (foreman) of the Divine Factory, as the representative of the boss (in this case of the Archangel Camael). It is up to him to show us the work we must do. Let us therefore say that it is up to us to receive from him (as workers of the Divine Work) the provisions inherent in our duties. He points out to us what our new work consists of, where nothing has yet begun. Those born in these days are brought to face the difficult situations that arise in the beginning: for example, working in newly created companies or creating new ones, however facing the difficulties and uncertainties of the beginnings.

In their life the dimension of the work will be particularly important: it may be the road through which they will find full realization, or just the ground where the obstacles that will put them to the test in everyday life will thicken, in some professional activity complicated for obstacles of various nature. It is therefore useful to remember that the Prayer at Menadel solves precisely the difficulties inherent in work and employment.

Whoever is born under this influence will have a lot of willpower, will be sagacious, self-confident and direct in the way of speaking. Excellent friend, companion, passionate lover, is easily offended and immediately criticizes something he does not like. Act with discretion and cunning, take responsibility with seriousness and dedication. Perfectionist, dedicated to work, expects the same posture of the people with whom he works. Personal business will be taken seriously, always achieving the proposed goals.

His work, as well as his strong personality and charisma, will make him known in the media, occupying a prominent place. Optimistic, independent, active and advanced, she considers honesty and truth to be very important things in life. He disagrees with some points about religion, because of their lack of practicality. He will be called a prophet, for his profound vision of things, especially in the social aspect. Although he knows he can abuse the power of his guardian genius, he will only ask for help when he exhausts all other resources; understands that this force is too sublime to be invoked for any need.

Menadel Prayer – Psalm 25:8 Domine, dilexi habitaculum domus tuae et locum habitationis gloriae tuae


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