Mental attraction authentic satisfying relationships

Mental attraction predisposes to very deep, authentic, satisfying relationships. We understand, therefore, how important this type of attraction is in the life of each of us. Of course, mental attraction and physical attraction can coexist. Or rather, when you are mentally attracted to someone, it is very easy for physical attraction to also trigger. And this seems to be especially true for women. While physical attraction seems to also exist independently of mental feeling.

Mental Attraction – Twin Souls?

When it comes to mental attraction, numerous literary and authoritative examples come to mind. We think of Goethe’s Elective Affinities but also of Jung’s law of attraction and synchronicity of events. The latter, simplifying, relates unconscious desires that become conscious in some choices, in approaching some people who are felt to be similar.

In reality, the mental attraction seems to be something more concrete and simple. That is, the soul mates would not be such for almost supernatural wishes (destiny, symbolic events) but for a real choice to stay close and to share what is felt like a mental affinity.


Mental attraction is not just a brain issue, on the contrary, it is a series of emotions that are absolutely intense and even stronger than those experienced during physical attraction. The difference is that pure physical attraction is often associated with something suffering, something dramatic.

Mental attraction, on the other hand, is characterized by positivity, by the feeling of being well. For these reasons, a relationship that arises from mental affinity is very likely to be a joyful and lasting relationship.

One of the main characteristics of mind attraction is reciprocity, one feels esteemed, appreciated, and valued by the other. And, vice versa, the personality of others is esteemed and valued. This type of mutual exchange generates euphoria and happiness, no less than the thrills of physical attraction.

In mental attraction, differences are valued

Of course, mental affinity tends to arise between two people who have common interests, goals, and values. But there may be differences of opinion on some things, even important ones.

What is always the same is the interest in the opinion and point of view of the other, which we consider valid regardless of whether it is worthy of being at least considered.

Differences are valued and become ways to enrich oneself, to learn, and to positively question oneself. Who attracts us mentally, makes us feel good and alive.

The perception is that the other accepts us for who we truly are, that he is happy with our progress and our victories. Hence, a healthy attraction is a great prelude to a very positive relationship.

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