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Michael Archangel prince of the angelic hosts

Michael Archangel in the Christian – Jewish religious tradition, is considered the greatest, the prince of all Angels. The name Michael means, he who is like God. In the Angelic hierarchy of the Jewish Kabbalah, Michael the Archangel leads the eighth choir of the Archangels is represented in the iconography and the paintings as a winged warrior, very tall and good-looking and carry a sword to free us from the traps of fear.

If appropriately invoked, the Archangel Michael gives us protection. Like all angels, it works incessantly to create a world of peace and harmony and its main mission is to free the earth and its inhabitants from negativity, toxins associated with fear, allowing us to freely choose our way of life. Archangel Michael gives courage, protection, direction, energy, and vitality, commitment, and dedication to his convictions to purify the environments.

Michael the archangel of intelligence strengthens our intellect. Presiding the month of June, on Wednesday the sign of the twin’s protector of the armed forces, the police, the police of all those who work to defend ourselves from the forces of evil. This archangel is very close to human realities and makes sure that they realize what they find useful finding a balance between spiritual energy and earthly energy, helping to find a communion between earthly energy and divine cosmic energy.

Michael Archangel Prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel
to you who are the Prince of all the Angels,
I entrust my family.
Come before us with your sword
and drive away all sorts of evil.
Teach us the way that leads to our Lord.
I humbly ask you for the intercession of Mary Most Holy,
Your Queen and our Mother. Amen

StMichael the Archangel,
with Your Light it illuminates us.

StMichael the Archangel,
defend us with your sword.

StMichael the Archangel,
under our wings protect us.

StMichael Arch angel,
divide good from evil,
in the minds and in the hearts.

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