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Mikael Guardian Angel Born October 19 to 23

Mikael Guardian Angel gives the inner order, that is the ability to find in itself a balance in which the most varied elements of our essence coexist. Mikael brings to the energy of his name the same values ​​of charisma and power of the Archangel Michael. It grants men and women an understanding of the laws of the cosmic order and helps people put their conscience at the service of these laws. Since the energy of Saturn structures the laws, with the help of the Angel the person can become a great legislator.

According to the Traditional Text, Mikael leads the person to travel a lot and enjoy the pleasures of a spiritual and material nature. He is the special spiritual medium with what is superior, which can guarantee their perfect success. Mikael projects light on the surface structure of individuals, on what lies on the surface of the skin, emphasizing what is apparent not only to what is interior; the person can, therefore, be very visible and achieve a very easy existence. All the doors will be opened without having to push them and in turn, will get important and prestigious assignments.

In reality, everything will be all right as the protégés of this angel have already passed through intermediate stages that have led them, at the present time, to be able to dominate (with his help) all aspects of their personality. Mikael assures the rulers and the powerful of the stability of their domains and their business; grants success in the political and diplomatic fields; it also protects all those who are traveling.

On the material level the careers of these born will have great success through loyalty to a legitimate leader, as the angel ensures the individual a prodigious success in every activity that is related to levels higher than his. But one must make sure that one does not serve an illegitimate leader or one whose intent is contrary to the common good.

Whoever is born under this divine influence will be knowledgeable of techniques and means of maintaining large enterprises, distinguished by their great diplomacy. You will have intense protection from your guardian angel, being worthy, high, inspired, and incorruptible. You can be a confidante of citizens of high social, economic, or political prestige and faithfully collaborate with anyone who has the goal of improving society. It will be popular, beloved of the humblest people, and will attack the evil and traffickers.

His message is always of optimism and faith, radiating his cosmic energy into confidence, inspiration, and creativity. You should be careful to resolve everything without presumption, always following common sense. Your condition of life will always be beneficial, for the brightness and intensity of your light is great.

Mikael Prayer – Psalm 120:7

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