Mitzrael 60th Kabbalah Angel Qualities

Mitzrael 60th qualities are finesse of spirit, taste of good and beauty, physical and intellectual health, moral rigor, mastery of emotions. Mitzrael 60th fights against absurdity, insubordination, obstinacy, arrogance, paranoia, stupidity. In fact the fallen angel Camal opposes the actions of Mitzrael, represents the ideas of persecution. It causes revolt, insubordination, paranoid thoughts, negatively affects all the qualities of body and spirit, instills distraction and scarcity of attention for others. Prayer to one’s Guardian Angel or meditation defends those born in this period from falling into these risks and defects.

Mitzrael Angel Meditation –

The intuition to meditate on is that in our unconscious something binds us to the slavery of which we believe we want to free ourselves. The fear of that winds in the Jewish people in the episode of the flight from Egypt represents the ’s tendency to flee inner growth, to take refuge eternally in some moral slavery, that is, at the level of the lowest being we were used to. The vibration of this Name restores vigor to the inner impulses of liberation. The associated meditation is called .

Now concentrating your vision on the Mitzrael Name without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself permeate deeply and long by its meaning, pronounce this intention: I perceive the balance and that oversee the Creation, and I also give it back to the hardships and trials that existence requires us. I call for strength to overcome all these trials, to break the chains of the and get the courage to go through the changes.

Mitzrael exhorts to build, bringing inner inspirations into matter. Since to build solidly you need to be solid and balanced, it urges you to develop these qualities and use your energy to get help.


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