Mitzrael Angel from 5th to 10th of Sagittarius

Mitzrael Angel of Sagittarius gives a great opportunity for success in all professional fields. He gives us the possibility of perfecting our work, new ways of thinking, clarity, and intuition. He supports us in passing exams, in presenting our ideas, and in facing the challenges that are posed to us.

Mitzrael Guardian Angel of people born from 16 to 20 January.
He allows us to renew ourselves, especially in thought, but also in actions and behaviors. He makes us aware of our healing abilities, which can be put at the service of others. He allows us to express our talent, especially in the context of medicine that favors the mental component of the individual.

Mitzrael Angel of Sagittarius Horoscope

Love – You have to calm your feelings. You do not have to chase people who may correspond to a part of yourself, but not to the totality of your soul. We must not seek affection in places that are too high or too low. You will be loved in the middle.

Money – You must intervene with courage, with energy, against certain elements or people that are holding back your economic success or your entry. Putting firm points, without getting suspicious, but firmly. This is how the obstacles will disappear and the gains will return.

Health – Mitzrael Angel protects the Urinary bladder, small intestine, and large intestine. You need to drink pure water, and check that intestinal transit is normal.

Career – Friends and family members will come and propose you to form a clan. This proves that you have the necessary and sufficient inner strength to create a business, to stimulate collective action. Act without hesitation. Undertake a work.

Esoteric initiation – Mitzrael Angel will inspire his proteges to stimulate their practical sense. They can carry out a great project on a family, local and even national or global level.

Prayer to Mitzrael

Mitzrael Angel, grant me the strength
to dominate my desires, my thoughts, my acts,
because it is having this inner harmony
that I will come to repair my mistakes,

and to open the great door that leads
to happiness, through the realization
of useful work.
Help me move quickly to the future world,
that of nascent love

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