Mitzrael Angel Prayer, source of transmutations

Mitzrael Angel source of transmutations, wisdom that generates the composition of inner conflicts. Put order in my inner chaos. Release my chained spirit buried under the heavy yoke of my deviated emotions. Calm my mind and inspire me in all my actions, so that I can overcome possible future persecutions. Because I can win when I am assailed by the emotions And by the desires that mislead that distort, the design of my ego.

Mitzrael Angel the sound of your Holy Name, its vibration envelops my soul like a soft, perfumed soft mantle, the mantle of your crystalline and brilliant essence. Together with your redeeming aroma, you bring to me the limpid and living image of inner transmutation. Your spiritual presence in mine
afflicted heart soothes the torment of my broken spirit.

Your presence Mitzrael Angel is like an affectionate caress, like the morning dew of summer days, like a wonderful balm, a panacea that heals all the ills of the soul and the body. You are the clear morning air, the lovable breeze of the immaculate and refreshing evening. Renew the normal intensity of the weak currents of my impoverished blood and undermined by the futile actions of the past that now poison my present incarnation.

But here’s Mitzrael Angel. You are here as I invoke you with your intrepid strength that restores and restores. For you Lord, because you make me choose life I sprout, I emerge from my scarred and outraged land like a new seed, a fruitful seed. Yes, now I am reborn and I discover you and a new way of life that comes to light. Lord Mitzrael, when I started walking on your paths, I misinterpreted yours
drawing, I got lost, I lost the initiatory path that connects me to You. I have debased the intent of my spiritual work.

It is therefore right, Lord, that I receive the painful fruit, whose thorns tear my hands, and make my aching heart bleed, burnt out but now illuminated and overflowing with light and love. I live, e
while discounting my mistakes I ask you to restore my conscience alienated. When I am the man you rebuilt with your own hands, I will be able to help my brothers, my children, to bear the burden which, because of me, rests on their innocent shoulders. I want the Lord, to correct my mistakes and my faults, to get rid of my past karma.

The painful crystallization that I am experiencing is the experience that makes me aware of what is true, of what is real. And you are immovable present on your divine throne of restoration. Mitzrael Angel grant me your strength, your firmness, strengthens my spirit in the fratricidal struggle that I myself triggered between the elder brother and the younger brother, between what is spiritual and what is material, between what is superior and elevates me and what is inferior and rushes me into a fearful void. Finally, free me from the madness that leads obedience to the passions, free me from ideas, thoughts and desires in the service of immorality.

Grant me Eternal, a long and happy holy life, full of new hopes, of new joys. Grant me Lord the victory over myself, and with humility, I will offer you my works that will speak ceaselessly of you my Lord. Encourage my existence with your vital breath, and my soul freed from the most heavy part of me, will fly towards you, to you to ask you to instill in my mortal person the power to restore the Law that I have transgressed. And above all, make me Lord, a just man. Amen

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