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Mitzrael Guardian Angel Born January 16 to 20

Mitzrael gives the capacity to concretize projects, and also to bestow repairing and reconstructive energies. Mitzrael angel dramatically accelerates the manifestation of human intentions: it has an influence that makes people decidedly directed to the purpose, capable of immediate and effective practical achievements. People protected by Mitzrael becoming receptive to their energy will also be able to establish excellent relations with others and achieve lightning victories, which they will immediately forget about new initiatives. In fact, the liberating character of Mitzrael does not allow us to bind ourselves to a single project, the person will tend to break away and retreat somewhat from his own achievements. In practice it will establish a perfect understanding with the third phase of the elaboration of a product (called by the Kabbalists phase Vav) that is that of the realization.

The born in these days is therefore a man of the end, meaning that he will receive the maximum help from the angelic forces in the final part of the projects. His help will therefore be decisive precisely in the moments in which projects will be ready to exteriorize. This person carries a future; already sees the results of everything that is about to begin. He is the bearer of new utopian ideas, perhaps early, but which will later show up on time. Mitzrael gives the gift of healing and the ability to put it to good use always requires precise conditions to be positively fulfilled. In this case they involve the need to be determined to achieve a purpose.

Whoever is born under this influence will be distinguished in society by his talents and noble virtues. It brings together the most beautiful qualities of body and soul. He will be able to rectify his mistakes, because he understands that it is through the experiences that we construct our personality, the envelope of the soul and the character. You will always be in search of yourself, seeking to achieve an ideal of balance and wisdom. Being a tireless worker will be your main quality. By living a high existence, working for the social good, you can get rid of your karma.

He will know how to recognize God’s hand in every detail of nature. He will attain, as a child, a high degree of maturity and be prepared to achieve every success; not that of stage or applause, but rather the most enduring, fulfilling the specific tasks of daily life, staying at peace with his conscience. He will know how to live the present in the right measure, to slowly sow seeds for the future. It may be considered a symbol of being. It dominates insubordination, disobedience, infidelity, bohemia, human in its totality, both physical and spiritual.

Mitzrael Prayer – Psalm 144 Iustus Dominus in omnibus viis suis, et sanctus in omnibus operibus suis


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