Morning prayer to the Guardian Angels

Morning prayer To the guardian angels, Prayer of St. Francis de Sales. Holy Angel you protect me from birth.
To you I entrust my heart: give it to my Savior Jesus because he belongs to Him alone.
You are also my comforter in death!
Strengthen my faith and my hope, light my heart of divine love!
Make my past life not afflict me, that my present life does not disturb me, that my future life does not scare me.
It strengthens my soul in the anguish of death; teach me to be patient, keep me in peace!
Obtain for me the grace to taste the bread of angels as the last food!
Let my last words be: Jesus, Mary and Joseph; that my last breath is a breath of love and that your presence is my last comfort.


Send your Angel to the Holy Mass
O Angel of God that you are by my side goes to church for me.

in my place for the Holy Mass where I wish to be.
At the offertory in my place, take all that I am and possess and offer it as a sacrifice on the throne of the altar.
At the sound of the holy Consecration, he adores my hidden Jesus in the Host with seraphic love. He descended to earth from heaven.
Then pray for those whom I love tenderly and for those who make me suffer, that the blood of Jesus can purify all hearts and give comfort to the suffering.
And when the priest has Communion bring my Lord to me, May his sweet Heart rest on mine and I be His Temple.
Pray that this Divine Sacrifice may erase the sins of the world; Then extend the blessing of Jesus and the sign of all grace upon my house.

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