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Mother’s prayer for the protection of children

Mother’s prayer.
O Lord, guard under your paternal protection the children whom you have granted me. I know that you love them with a love greater and purer than mine. You have silent words and sweet forces unknown to me for them
you are with them every moment and you scan their mind and heart.

Therefore, O Lord, I entrust their inexperienced youth to you.
Be for them the way, the truth and the life, the true friend who never betrays.
Don’t let them offend you with sin. make them chosen for heaven. It also saves my soul and that of my husband.

Lord forgive my weaknesses and fill my gaps, and make my mission less unworthy in the family and society. Keep my whole family in the spirit of faith, peace and the unity of love and allow us to find ourselves one day united in the society of the Saints with you forever. Amen.

Mother’s prayer of entrusting children to God

Lord, I entrust my children to you: watch over them.
I raised them in your knowledge, I made your name known and loved.
Now they have grown, they have gradually detached themselves from me. They are people.

I tried carefully, to get them used to do without me.
Of me, not of You, Lord. You had given them to me and entrusted them to me, I raised them in Your name. Now it is I who entrust them to You.
To you who can follow them anywhere. Better than I could have done.

Lord, I do not ask you to remove the difficulties from them, but let them find the strength in you to overcome them: they will mature them. I am not asking you to keep the dangers away from them but let them know how to face them with courage and goodness: they will make them men.

I ask you not to avoid the disappointments of life, but to keep hope and faith in them: with them, they will be able to make the world better. And if they are not lacking, Lord, certainly their share of daily pain, give them, I pray You, the strength to unite him with that of Your Divine Son, to offer it to You: it will make them holy.

Please watch over my children.

Mother’s prayer in Saint Anne

O glorious St. Anne: kneeling before your image, I present to you my humble and fervent prayer. Now that my children, a precious gift that God has given me to guard, are growing up, I feel that my action as an educator, as it becomes increasingly necessary, is becoming more difficult.

I, therefore, appeal to you, and please help me in giving them a profound Christian education and always being a good example to them in religious and civil life. O glorious St. Anne: I feel you close; help me to be the angel of my family and keep me up to the sublime height of the dignity and family and social mission that God has entrusted to me.

So be it.

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