Mumiah 72nd Angel of the Kabbalah Meditation Prayer

Mumiah Kabbalah Angel 72 Meditation – spiritual purification. According to the Kabbalah, the vibration of this name allows us to intuit the difference between our true self and the ego that conditions our life, paving the way for the inner process that can lead to a rebirth. In this regard, Rabbi Berg says that among the most powerful strategies implemented by the ego there is cynicism, one of many loopholes that allow us to escape the hard work of spiritual transformation.

There are two ways of purifying oneself: pain or proactive spiritual transformation. The way of pain hurts the body (health, money, relationships); the path of transformation only hurts the ego. But illness, economic loss, worries for children: everything must be considered an opportunity for spiritual transformation.

Mumiah Meditation

Now, concentrating your vision on the Name Mumiah, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: by meditating on this Name I can touch the keys back and erase in the memory of my spiritual errors. My current life is purified by past faults. For this Name also the material environment in which I move is freed from every bad energy and spiritual impurity.

Mumiah Kabbalah Angel Qualities

The qualities developed by Mumiah are the ability to mediate and communicate, to go all the way to everything with foresight, perseverance, courage. Ability to heal others, to care for and protect the poor and the poor. He gives sensory intensity, serene longevity and health, fortune and excellent achievements in every sphere, particularly if it is linked to communication, entertainment or care. Mumiah Angel dominates the sciences of physics, chemistry, and medicine, granting resounding success in related professions.

Tradition also says that Mumiah protects in mysterious operations: that is, he assists all those who dedicate themselves with good intentions to the study of esoteric arts. Bahal is the Fallen Angel contrary to the works of Mumiah, it represents the confusion between Evil and Good. It brings despair to the hearts of humans, inspiring suicidal tendencies, negativity, pessimism, a sense of meaninglessness, total abandonment, sacrifice, and suicide. Mumiah Kabbalah Angel is the guardian angel of people born between March 16th and March 20th

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