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Nanael Angel Healing Prayer (eye diseases)

Nanael Angel torch that illuminates the world. Lord, you are the source of Wisdom: show me the secrets of the cosmos, so that I never walk again on the paths of error. Nanael angel rest of the weary traveler. Eternal in the solitude of my spirit, in the darkness of the abyss in which I result, afflicted by the torments of doubt, I suffer from not understanding the reason for my evil and I look up (once lost in nothing) towards God. Tell me, give me the vision of my internal order transgressed. Tell me that you can read what is hidden because you are the Book of knowledge, where and when I deviated from the right path to take the paths of darkness where I see nothing except myself.

Lord of Wisdom, food of the hungry, I begins to understand what you expect from me. My eyes have betrayed me, they have succumbed to the temptations of the material world that surrounds me, the prison of the spirit, temporal human cockpit, rehearsal, learning for the soul, and the body. Lord, I looked away from You, in another direction, so far away, so wrong that I lost the right view of the outer world and the inner world. Blind path in an unknown world, tormented by happy memories of the House, my House, the real House of Up there … ours.

I am in exile. I am looking for an unobtainable solution, or maybe not. If my eyes condemned to external silence search within me, perhaps they will find in my heart the desire to beat my God at the same pace as you. Lord, I have been blind. My ignorance was the mother of my infirmity, and therefore I ask you Lord, God of love and kindness, that your heavenly knowledge be the mother of my health. Lord, if I can see what overcomes the constraints of the flesh if in meditation I can look inside myself and find your presence, then I will know how to regain lost time in research vain and find the right way to go with courage.

My failure will become a victory, a catapult that will launch me to regain my material personality, so far unhappy. Light up my spirit. Let me hear your Voice. Light up my sight with your Light so that it can restore my inner harmony. Nanael Angel Lord Light help me to find the lost peace; push my conscience towards God, because if you intervene in my actions, I will never lose sight of what is Divine, and what is Human.

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