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Nanael Guardian Angel Born December 13 to 16

Nanael represents the solar aspect of the Venusian energies of the Principalities Angels, he is the most luminous and luminous Angel. According to tradition he allows us to see God and to climb the 22 steps of Jacob’s ladder (in fact he is considered, among other things, also the angel who favors the study of occult sciences), and grants the powers to transfer to earth celestial order and perfection. Knowing the Truth that is at the top will give the person the opportunity to express what is right down, directing the individual towards the judiciary and giving the talent and vocation for the professions related to justice.

But the people inspired by Nanael Angel will not apply the law with the severity of the ancient retaliation, but according to the rule of justice in the love brought by Christ. The energy dispensed by Nanael intensifies love for the rules of Divine Design. The result of this love, logical and natural, resolving itself in a conduct in harmony with these rules.

It will form the basis of a spiritual religious behavior that marks the flourishing of any person animated by a religious spirit, as well as noble and elevated feelings. The person will have a marked inclination for the true order, the one that emanates from eternal rules. Basically, whoever is subject to the influence of Nanael will be loyal to the principles of a very high level of morality. For its part, the society will reciprocate by showing great love to these people who will be celebrated, celebrated, adored, made the object of care by many people, they will benefit from a sincere and precious affection of people who bring together in themselves the peculiarities of the angel Imamiah (who precedes Nanael) and of the Archangel Haniel.

That is to say affable, rich, happy, good-natured and good-looking individuals. Haniel and Principalities Angels represent the final phase of the active forces in the turbines of the right-hand column of the Tree of Life, whose values ​​lie in the energetic sphere of Venus.

Those born under this influence will be distinguished by knowing the abstract sciences, will love the quiet life, peace, meditation and listen to classical music. Its light transcends and through it is seen its innocence and its truth. You can have a religious vocation or know metaphysical subjects. Worthy of confidence, he never commits reckless or thoughtless action. He likes solid relationships and is the friend everyone wants to have. Gifted with great affectivity, he lives by love and everything that is beautiful touches him. Being a traditionalist, he gives a lot of importance to marriage and children. Generally more passionate than active, he knows how to control his instincts without repressing them. His intelligence develops more from experience than from studies.

He likes success and tends to build beautiful things for altruistic ends. Everyone in the family is part of a great project, and to earn a place in the sun is no measure. Your prestige does not fuel your vanity. You will live within your reality and will dedicate yourself fully to living a peaceful existence, with a lot of dedication and effort, doing everything perfectly and cleanly. There may have been health problems in childhood or adolescence, but despite physical frailty, has an extremely agile and warlike spirit. Bon vivant, you know how to enjoy the good things in life, without departing for gross or unthinking acts. It is the column that sustains humanity.

Nanael Prayer – Psalm 119:75 Cognomi, Domine, quia aequitas iudicia tua, et in veritate humiliasti me


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