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Nazar powerful amulet for good luck

Nazar is a powerful good luck charm that we should all wear. Some know him as Nazar Bonjuk, others simply as the eye of Allah. Regardless of what name you choose to call it, this powerful Turkish amulet against the evil eye is known all over the world.

Not infrequently this object is present in our homes. in fact, it was often brought to us as a gift after a holiday in Turkey or even in Greece where it is very popular. We find it in the form of a jewel worn by women, a pendant that adorns necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. On the other hand, children are placed on their clothes with a safety pin. There are often numerous tattoos of this amulet linked to the deep symbolic meaning.

Characterized by the blue color, the Nazar is visibly recognizable, its appearance is round and recalls that of the eye. The chromatism that distinguishes it is not purely aesthetic: the color blue is as rare as it is unusual for those born in the regions of the Aegean Sea and it was once thought that those born with this color eyes were the bearer of misfortune. The blue of the amulet, therefore, serves to exorcise negative energies and the evil eye.

The shape of the eye that characterizes the Nazar also has a precise meaning: the eyes represent our gaze on the world, the tool with which we communicate our thoughts, and what really hides our soul. In this sense, the amulet protects us from foreign eyes that can feel envious of us and our successes.

Also known as the eye of Allah, in reality, the famous object has no meaning associated with religion, but with an ancient Turkish legend, a country in which the origins of the talisman have their roots.

The story goes that 100 Turkish men undertook to move a large rock from the sea to no avail. They resorted to explosives, but not even with an explosive device were they able to destroy the large boulder that hid the passage. So the desperate population turned to a man, famous in the city for being able to ward off the evil eye. It was enough for man to look at the rock to shatter it into a thousand pieces.

From generation to generation the ancient legend survives and the Nazar has now become a symbol of luck that protects everyone from the evil eye and misfortunes. That is why we should give this amulet to our loved ones and always keep one in the house.

This post was published on June 7, 2020 10:36 am