Nelchael 21st Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Nelchael 21st Kabbalah Angel exhorts to understand, collect and spread the divine energies for the cosmic order, becoming tools of barrier against disorder. Nelchael Angel 21st gives a strong and serene character, the charm of knowledge, harmonious expression. Love for teaching, for beauty, art, poetry, literature, and any kind of study, aptitude for mathematics and geometry. Power against slander and defamation.

Rakéiel is the name of the dark angel who opposes the actions of the angel 21 on earth. It represents unrest and oppression. It brings ignorance, error, prejudice, moralism, extremism, lies, and slander.

Nelchael 21st Kabbalah Angel Meditation – Eradicate the plague

According to the Kabbalistic teachings, this Name provides the most effective meditative tool for those who would like to act against the evils of the world.

Now concentrate on the Name Nelchael without thinking of anything else breathe, letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention. I look at the afflictions of nature and man, I think of degradation and pollution of all kinds. Poverty and hunger, depression and disease, hatred, greed, or any other plague afflict the world. And I know that by the power of this Name I can transmit the Light that eradicates these wounds at the root.

Nelchael 21st Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Poetic, romantic love. Music, painting, art, in general, will play an important role in the consolidation of Love. Women’s actions will be essential. Men will feel valued, even idealized, and for this, they will look after their appearance and behavior.

Money – They will shine in all their glory in their circle of friends, with whom they will make significant gains through the Stock Exchange The securities they buy will in fact tend to increase in value. Investing in gold will be very profitable.

Health – Nelchael protects against every disease and every crisis, but is especially concerned with the heart. Nelchael invocation will help restore harmony in all heart afflictions.

Career – Extraordinary capacity for abstraction. Success in applied mathematics, in accounting, in the calculation of time, in geography, in space. Also successful as stockbrokers, or as managers of stock market movements, stockbrokers. The passion for study and lifelong learning will also offer great success in this field.

Esoteric initiation – Amateur or professional scientists will have the opportunity to make known the essential usefulness of the union of science with spirituality.

Nelchael 21st Kabbalah Angel is the Guardian Angel of people born July 2-6. Other days of presence as a birth angel are April 10 – June 24 – September 7 – November 18 – January 29.
Every day from 6.40 am. to 7.00 am.

Element – Water
Zodiacal domicile from the 11th to the 15th of Cancer

Through Nelchael invocation it is possible to obtain learning and understanding faculties in the fields of astronomy, astrology, mathematics, and abstract sciences.

Nelchael Invocation

Angel Nelchael, Solar Throne, I ask you
to pour your divine Essences upon me
made of perseverance and patience.

I want the Opaque World that I see
become clear and transparent,
to understand what the Creator is
is expected of me

because I want to act
so that on Earth as in Heaven
His Will be done.

Help me, Lord, to become a Worker
of the Divine Work of the World

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