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Nelchael Guardian Angel Born July 2 to 6

Nelchael dispenses solar energies through the individual becomes the bearer of justice and order, loves righteousness and is faithful to the commitments made. According to the Traditional Text, people protected by Nelkhael will have access to the absolute truth in their depths and will be able to erase slanders and dissolve spells. They will also be effectively helped to achieve the domain of exact and abstract sciences, from technique to philosophy. the energy of Nelchael Guardian Angel also allows for the love and friendship of people of advanced age, and by extension, support from all that is mature, structured, realized, and in a broader sense solid and stable . In the course of life, people will easily find reference figures, the result of tutors who will guide them towards more profitable goals.

They will have a positive reception within every social structure and professional possibilities linked to high offices. The same impulse also acts on children, who generally give proof of seriousness, confidentiality, maturity, so as to seem more adult than they are by birth. But be careful, if this angel brings light and moral rectitude, people must watch over to prevent their conception of rectitude from sticking to an excessively restricted ethical system, risking making them too intolerant and severe, in an excess that can limit the visual sphere of Consciousness precluding the right appreciation of things and events.

Whoever is born under this divine influence, shows a lot of serenity, moderation in words, a balance between spiritual and material. Has strong leadership ability, self-control, patience. It seeks its financial stability, pursuing its ideal at any cost, not accepting losses. Endowed with great intelligence and imagination, he has maturity and mastery over his inner self. Always seek the harmonization of all in the family, although often, feel misunderstood by its members. Tendency to be a loner always in search of the ideal pair.

He loves the beautiful and loathes what is ugly and vulgar. It will be very dear and respected in your work environment. Refined, lover of poetry and painting, he likes to give people flowers. You will be able to scientifically research the transcendental knowledge, through readings of old texts, transcoded with the use of information technology. Your mission will be to unite science and art with religion. He will like to develop his mediumship through the esoteric sciences, but always analytically. It will be like seeing to believe.

Nelchael Prayer – Psalm 30:15 Deus meus es tu: in manibus tuis sortes meae


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