Nemamiah 57th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Nemamiah Angel qualities are inventiveness, logic and order, courage and sacrifice, strong character, sense of duty and honor, honesty, discreet generosity. The person assisted will be active and courageous, endowed with great abilities to bear the hardships of work and the adversities of life. Nemamiah Angel gives decision-making temperament and success in military or justice-related careers.

Rax is the fallen Angel contrary to the work of Nemamiah Guardian Angel. It represents the unfair battles. Inspires lack of coordination, indecision, confusion, cowardice, arrogance; it causes the victorious ones to uselessly rage, who is in position of strength to hit the weakest. It causes betrayals and conflicts due to wrong or undeserved causes.

Nemamiah Meditation

Meditation on this Name is called listening to one’s soul. Each of us has a mission, a spiritual goal that he must accomplish in this life; from which, however, the interferences of the material world constantly mislead. If we listen very carefully, our true self will direct us towards our purpose.

According to the Kabbalah, the vibration of the Name allows us to discern between the real aspirations of our soul and the wrong directives that come from our ego, which drag us towards materialistic goals. The first thing to realize is that before the creation all the souls already existed, and they were only one. Whatever our interests, it is necessary to understand that our personal good cannot be separated from the common good, and our true Good is the weighty transformation in listening to one’s true self.

Now, concentrating your vision on the Nemamiah Name, without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: By the power of this Name, the whispers of my soul and the divine advice of the Light send me a message strong and clear. I know what to do, and I’m willing and willing to do it.

Nemamiah 57th Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – You will have to fight to make or keep your love. Your strengths, your inclinations must be disciplined. The final victory is assured after a hard struggle in your heart, against fierce instincts that bring disturbance to your heart.

Money – Change in income sources, new sources will be closer to your reality. That is to say, your activities will be the expression of your abilities. For this economic improvement you will be obliged to separate yourself from certain friends who do not understand your projects and your ideals well.

Health – Nemamiah Angel protects against all diseases, but in particular against liver diseases. Recovery of soul form: an unhealthy physical state can slow down social and economic progress. To restore harmony, we must suppress any excess of susceptibility and free ourselves from every perversion.

Career – Unstoppable rise especially thanks to important and influential friends. Thanks to these strong stimuli you will have great power and also the good sense of inner clarity necessary to not abuse. Those around you will encourage you with frank approval

Esoteric Initiation – Nemamiah always leaves the door of heaven ajar. He says that all men are made of light, that we must not judge according to the evil they have done, but according to the good they are capable of doing. Because the evil is destroyed by itself with the force of repulsion, while the good is increased by itself thanks to the force of attraction. Every man therefore, if he truly desires it, at any moment can become a being of light and penetrate the invisible worlds

Nemamiah is the Guardian Angel of people born between 1st and 5th January
March 5
May 17
August 1
October 13th
December 24th
He rules every day, from 6.40pm to 7.00pm.


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