Nemamiah Guardian Angel Born January 1 to 5

Nemamiah Guardian Angel represents the Uranian aspect of Mercury’s energies. According to the Kabbalistic Tradition, this guardian angel can make anything thrive, and can free the prisoners. The energies of Uranus, which bring prosperity and health, combined with the energies of Mercury (intelligence), can free the humans from the intellectual tendencies that imprison in the routine.

Nemamiah Guardian Angel is the Angel of the greatness of spirit … if we need the ability to decide with justice in great undertakings, this Guardian Angel will grant the necessary clarity, will carry out every action in favor of Truth and Good. Its energy is the salient factor of a stage of silence. The person who observes, analyzes, tries to internalize the Cosmic Thought, will receive help from Nemamiah, to create new inventions aimed at realizing the common good.

Nemamiah stimulates inventive skills, gives prosperity and brings freedom to those who are unjustly imprisoned, so you can turn to him to solve legal problems, and also to ensure adequate means of support. Furthermore, this guardian angel protects all those who fight for a just cause, especially among the military.

Whoever is born under this influence will love to be placed in a position of leadership, distinguished by his bravery and great love for all things, enduring fatigue with patience and courage. It works to improve society and tends to abolish the privileges and resources of people who do not deserve it. You’ll be lucky to travel abroad and protect against betrayal or revenge. He will be a combatant against the forces of evil, through his culture and intellectuality. It always projects experiences for the formation of a new world, fighting against the lower spheres and consciences.

The knowledge of your guardian angel is the central theme for your existence to get better and better on Earth. You will have great revelations in your dreams. He will defend all good causes and will always be called to build theoretical plans, being considered by all a good administrator or economist, especially in times of crisis. Cheerful, active, and friendly, it is always the center of attention in all situations. He is a person of strength and strength of will. In love with everything and everyone, he loves family life and is especially dedicated to his children.

Nemamiah PrayerPsalm 113:19 qui timent Dominum speraverunt in Domino, adiutor eorum et protector eorum est

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