Nith Haiah Guardian Angel Born July 23 to 27

Nith Haiah infuses the of Jupiter into Uranian , thus coming to implement the conditions for white magic, that is, the dominance of spiritual forces. This Angel grants the person the to dominate things and situations; thanks to him the person will have at his service Spiritual Entities full of . The task of is to discover the mysterious connections between the visible and the invisible and the best ways to use them. But these are not sorcerers or priests, nor do they get bewitched by the gurus. They focus on discovering; they do not need teachers or official hierarchies, to maintain control over the use of invisible forces, to give precise rules and investitures to their adherents.

born under the divine influence of Nith Haiah belong rather to the unjustly infamous category of witches, that is, those who learn for themselves. They seek and never stop finding on the thin border of the invisible. In many languages ​​the terms for witches conceal the meaning of wisdom. They are free and courageous , indifferent to superstitious fears, to taboos, to the gelatinous conformism of the majority; and at the same time practical practices, which are not content with knowledge as an end in itself, but seek concrete application for everything they discover in the abstract.

Whoever is born under this influence possesses serenity, moderation, balance, self-control, harmony and patience. In this way, you can more easily, emotionally, professionally and materially, than others. Benevolent even with the enemies, lives fully, has joy and pleasure in living. Your life has no locks or limits. Usually an autodidact, he is well informed on any subject. It may have great paranormal and inspiration to master the esoteric sciences.

You will have curiosity about the science of evil, to be able to attack it through good and goodness. He will be able to understand and conjure the prayers for the elementals, making revelations through his charisma, thus influencing ’s behavior. He will the peace, the solitude, the contemplation and the mysteries of nature. From childhood he will understand the meaning of things, being never a questioner, but an observer. It will have strong protection of the ancestors.

Nith Haiah Prayer – Psalm 9:2 Confitebor tibi, Domine, in toto corde meo; narrabo omnia mirabilia tua

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