Nithael 54th Kabbalah Angel Meditation

54 qualities are respect for values, love for the Law and legality, gallantry, tenderness, religious sentiments, nobility of soul, gentleness, joy, stability, prestige, eloquence. grants fame through his works, reputation in the scientific and art worlds, benevolence and favors granted by authoritative people or by the authorities of the State. It also provides protection from dangers, divine help in difficulties and the ability to bring help to the suffering.

Omet is the of the Abyss opposite to the works of Nithael, it represents the hatred against the authority and the one who holds it, therefore also hatred or envy against those who hold means and s. It causes upsets of fortune, attachment, envy, ruin, revolutions and illegality, as well as destruction of relationships, upheavals in every area of ​​human life.

exhorts to recognize, in earthly goods and joys, the reflection of divine Beauty; not to fear and the end of goods, knowing that life extends well beyond physical perceptions: it exhorts gratitude for Beauty, to invoke for everyone a happiness made of and splendor, to lavish firsthand with the own talents, to spread beauty in the world.

According to the Kabbalah this Name provides the most effective meditative tool to counteract in one’s life the sense of , the anguish and the block that at a certain moment of life can be connected to something that ends. The of is not limited to the physical body. It also manifests itself in the processes of life, for example in the end of a friendship, in the failure of a business, in the dissolution of a marriage. When things end, or good things run the risk of ending, this Name banishes . Now concentrating your vision on the Name Nithael, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: For the of this Name I now focus my attention and meditate with total adhesion and certainty on the absolute and final disappearance of the of .

Nithael 54th Kabbalah Horoscope

Love – Success in the field of love. If an impediment appears, this must not upset you, because it is with perseverance that you will obtain great happiness, one based on deep understanding. You will be encouraged by someone who has affection for you and who approves the principles that motivate your actions

Money – Prudence and discretion. Success is not yet what it should be, and will be. A large harvest is being prepared. We must continue to fight until the final victory. It is now that the foundations of future economic must be laid

Health rules the endocrine gland, the thymus gland. Spiritually, the invocation to the is very useful, as is the help of medicine. Recovery of soul form: always being in the right place at the right time never refuse the appointment with destiny.

Career – Social situation in rapid progression. We must put aside doubts and hesitations, because the journey will be a victorious march. Your superior qualities will find a favorable ground for manifesting. Your work will be welcomed with enthusiasm, by an audience ready to applaud you.

– The wants you to enter the path of initiation, so that you can then explain to your fellow generators the wonders of the divine work. Through the inner light, you will communicate with the light of the , then you will act hand in hand with him

Nithael Guardian of people born between 17 and 21 December.
Other days of the presence of the on earth:

May 14th
July 28
October 10
December 21
March 2
Every day from 5.40am to 18.00am

Fire Element
Zodiac position from the 26th to the 30th of Sagittarius


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