No Contact with the narcissistic person

No Contact after the end of the relationship with a narcissist is the most important rule to respect. Precisely to protect yourself from the manipulation and abuse of the narcissist. There are no exceptions to this rule. No matter how hurt you feel the contact will only make things worse. No Contact means having no contact with the narcissist, in any form.

  • no phone calls
  • no message
  • no email
  • no meeting
  • no Facebook contact
  • no form of cyberstalking

Nothing good can come of contact with the narcissist, and no matter how seemingly insignificant that contact may appear. In any case, it will affect the process of processing the pain and healing from it, and the victim then always and in any case regrets having made that contact.

Every slightest form of contact serves the narcissist only to hurt the victim again, since the narcissist’s interest is always and only that of manipulation and triangulation, even when it can be mistaken for real interest.

When she gives the narcissist this chance, the victim can easily fall back into her charm, only to immediately relive the nightmare of a toxic and harmful relationship. The narcissist will reactivate the idealization phase, bringing the victim back into a state of cognitive dissonance.

The narcissist will lie pathologically again and involve the victim in a deeply painful relationship, boycotting the entire healing process that has already begun. When the narcissist regains possession of the victim’s access keys, he will immediately re-involve her within her world, made up of manipulation and triangulation.

No Contact is the most powerful weapon to cancel the narcissist’s effects

It is essential that the victim breaks this vicious circle, and the only way to do so is No Contact. In this sense, even cyberstalking must be completely avoided as, although it may seem an indirect or light form of contact, it still goes to solicit a state of dependence.

The only way to stop this addiction, the only way to get out of the pain of this relationship, is to block the narcissist on Facebook, Twitter and other social media and on mobile phones. Nothing can alleviate the pain if not the time and the inner work of elaboration.

The most effective, if not the only, way through which a narcissist victim can free himself from the toxicity of the relationship is No Contact. Is the most powerful weapon to cancel the narcissist’s effects, although it is very difficult to establish and even more difficult to maintain over time. No Contact is a concept as simple as it is difficult to establish and maintain.

The first aspect to keep in mind in order to implement the victim’s ability to implement No Contact is to understand what the narcissist needs. Surely it refers to control, power, attention and confirmation, but in reality the narcissist wants only one thing: nourishment, the so-called narcissistic supply.

Nourishment can be represented by many things: admiring comments, longing looks, a message, a comment on social media, but also angry insults or pleading tears. All of this represents the nourishment of the narcissist. This is why the narcissist chooses not only a primary victim, but also weaves a dense web of secondary relationships that guarantee him nourishment every single hour of every single day.

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