Omael 30th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Omael Angel qualities are noble character, high spirit, mildness. Powers of intelligence and the multiplication of positive emotions, excellent health, high happiness. Omael Angel brings understanding patience, consolation and peace of mind. When we are convinced that nothing can lift us from the sadness and despair in which we fell, to invoke Omael Angel helps us to find the balance. Dramas is the angel of the abyss that contrasts the works of Omael. It represents difficulties with children; causes physical and mental sterility, sterilization, abortions, cruelty, cruel animal experiments.

Omael Angel Meditation

This meditation is aimed at building one’s true self by unlocking the closures that prevent us from making balanced relationships: therefore building bridges. According to the Kabbalah this Name that begins for Om, is in direct and precise relationship with the Om (or Aum) whose vibration according to the Eastern religions puts in contact with the divine.

His energy is in fact capable of the highest connection in general, creating a bridge between physical reality and the spiritual dimension. A goal that, however, cannot be achieved without first creating bridges in the relationships we have in this life. This is something that needs to be done freeing ourselves of rancor, envy, resistance that prevents us from being generous with others.

Now by concentrating your vision on Omael Name without thinking about anything else, breathe by letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: with the power of this Name, I offer my hand to the one with whom I am in conflict, even if the conflict is caused by money. Awakening compassion and calling courage to speak with this person in this instant: at this very moment. At the same time, a bridge to the Upper World will be erected in my name.

Omael 30th Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love for everything that nature represents; especially aromatic plants, domestic animals, birds and naturally humans. Their partner or life partner will be a luminous being, full of spirit. Their children will be brilliant: inventors, spiritual seekers who will improve society with their ideals.

Money – The key word of the economic success granted by this angel is fruitfulness. People will have many children. Fecundity also in the works. Everything will be multiplied by contact with them: crops or sales, salary increases, everything will be abundant

Health – Omael is the Angel of Health, and therefore people will be able to fully enjoy an excellent physical and moral form.

Career – Through prayer to this angel it is possible to become great promoters of production systems on a global scale; or participate in health programs applied by world organizations. Organizers of campaigns against hunger, against the limitation of births, will be the great multipliers of everything.

Esoteric Initiation – They will be able to know the functioning of the human body, and by analogy, they will understand the functioning of the Universe. The detail will allow them to know the Unity of everything in everything

Omael 30th Kabbalah Angel, is the Guardian Angel of anyone born from 18 to 22 August. Other days of the presence of the Angel are:
April 19
July 3
September 16th
November 27
February 6
Every day from 9.40am to 10.00am

Fire Element
Zodiac position from 26th to 30th of Leo


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