Omael Guardian Angel Born August 18 to 22

administers the energies of the Dominions Angels, dispenses the moral and material fecundity by granting the most joyful fullness on all the planes of existence. Omael is the bearer of great happiness and expansion, which on fertility level will be available especially for women. Men, even if with less intensity, will also participate in the fruitfulness dispensed by this guardian angel, for example they will be worthy gynecologists or obstetricians. It is through his intercession and his help that with the arrival of the rain even the barren lands give fruits, and the women defeat the sterility. Omael is also a healing angel, capable of restoring the of every being. People tend to enjoy excellent health and have many opportunities to be happy and satisfied.

It also grants special powers to intelligence and reason, and gives value to the social life of the individual, who may have the role of harmonizing each situation. These born can be excellent mediators between workers and entrepreneurs, between spouses, between parents and children .. between special interests and general interest. On the physical plane Omael regulates the multiplication in the animal and vegetable kingdom: it governs generation, favors the harvest and the of every being; it represents the divine seed, for this it is the angel of the production and of the expansion, also on the spiritual level where it favors the evolution of the soul.

Omael – God patient

Whoever is born under this influence is extremely just and lives in harmony with his universe. By being over-protected by your Angel, you will have unyielding confidence in yourself and will always strive for great ideals. He will love animals, nature and men with great sincerity. He will have general knowledge of all areas, always situations in search of a more objective view. Angels predict victory, success and achievement in every way, but it will be up to each to choose the walk on the lines of fate.

Psalm 70:5 Quoniam tu es expectatio mea, Domine; Domine, spes mea a iuventute mea

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