Open your eyes is not enough but helps

Open your eyes to awareness because it is essential to start realizing our reality. We must learn to overcome mental patterns, conditioning, prejudices and preconceptions, fears, culture and many other filters that we normally use. Understanding that the spirit precedes the body is a further fundamental step to make. If you do not admit the existence of law you will certainly not try to understand it.

Remember that great discoveries always start with a change of thought: I think differently and therefore I try and do different things. Your goal must be to listen. If your mind is full of pretensions and desires that become fixed nails, of things or people you can not do without, of daily fears or worries, of uncertainties and anxiety, you can hardly get in touch with your spiritual part.

Open your eyes here’s what to do

First of all, you have to learn how to manage your emotions, they will always be the weak link if you do not control the negative ones that can paralyze you. Then you must learn to have goals that do not become demands. Making your happiness depend on the results you want to achieve is a destructive trap. You must understand what happiness is and how to live it every day.

You must learn to eliminate the fears that block you and condition in simple choices as well as complex ones. You must become aware of the patterns that condition our lives. This is what you need to free your mind from anything else that causes you to feel who you are, to come into contact with a spiritual dimension that is increasingly stifled by daily commitments.

Open your eyes you know the answers

Your spirit is always in contact with the body, but only if you listen can you hear what it says. All the noise we are used to carrying with us is an immense obstacle. People often ask me for advice to improve their lives. They want to know whether to divorce or not, what job to do, what university to enroll in. These questions are impossible to answer. Find your way or understand what direction to give to your life, it’s up to you.

The more you stay away from your spiritual dimension, the more noise you enter into your life, the less you will find the answer you are looking for. The first step is to eliminate this noise and return to listen to us, return sensitive to the messages we receive continuously. From this change, our whole life of every day will be born transformed. It is essential to return to feel the most important part of ourselves.

This post was published on March 10, 2019 9:12 pm

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