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Oracles the ability to predict the future

Oracles allow you to give a positive or negative answer but at the same time explain the reasons or causes of the answer. People who have the ability to look to the future and to know what the dangers and benefits are to come, function like oracles, are seers. There are also some places in the world that allow the person to have relief.

This place, which can be a temple or a natural monument, is transformed in such a way as to provide answers to the beings who ask the question. Basically the oracle answers the question that an individual asks. This question shouldn’t be so profound. The answer will be given by a person or through a means determined by the same oracle. There is also the interpretation of external signals. The sacred books preserve testimonies of people who were oracles.

Oracles have five modes. The first is yes and no. In this case, the oracle or the person who intervenes as an ocular system will answer the question asked in the affirmative or negative. Then the esoteric symbols of antiquity appear, deciphered through a sacred language that corresponds to the cosmos.

Currently there are several ancient oracles that are used. There is also divination through the Tarot which has become a traditional modality, widely used by esoteric experts (or alleged experts). Simple oracles are those in which the answer is positive or negative.

These oracles will be used at a time when the person needs only such an answer. The famous method of plucking the petals of a daisy while affirming or rejecting love is a simple oracular system. The complex oracular system allows you to give a positive or negative answer but at the same time it will explain the reasons or causes of the answer. Here’s how an oracle has the ability to predict a catastrophe. It is not only a question of answering simply, but also of predicting prophecies.

The truth is that the oracles have developed throughout history, and have entered the collective imagination and popular thought.

This post was published on February 2, 2020 5:20 pm

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