Our guardian angel is always with us

Our guardian angel is always with us, we often cannot see it and we also have difficulty perceiving his presence. But faith in his presence around us already gives us a state of security. We are never alone, even in the most difficult moments. He who loves us deeply and unconditionally is always with us even if we consider that we do not deserve it and are perfectly aware of our mistakes. Our guardian angel is always with us, ready to forgive us, to encourage us, to help us transform ourselves.

There are multiple ways of communicating with angels and each of them can be efficient; the important thing is that the requests are made with love and with the heart of those who believe. The contact with the angels can also take place during sleep, therefore in a completely unconscious way. Some people prefer to meditate, others communicate in writing or through dreams. It depends on the structure and availability of each one. There is no need to use special techniques, the important thing is to be as relaxed and open to receive, in your own heart.

You can call a guardian angel with thought – Dear guardian angel, I need your help – and he always answers. If you are open to its vibration, you will feel its presence. To resort to the help of angels presupposes a natural way of life; without thinking that it is necessary to lead a life full of mysticism. When we seek communion with the angels, we accept to reserve a space of meditation and calm, thus moving away from the buzz of everyday life to consecrate ourselves to finding inner peace.

But all this is not achieved in one day: with small steps we can go a long way and when we are willing to look back, we will see that our life has really changed. Communicating with the guardian angel means establishing a dialogue, listening to advice, finding answers or being inspired. Nothing wrong can appear in this way; when a request or a problem is presented to the angel, they become the object of his affectionate attention.

Angels are always ready to receive our prayers, provided they are not dictated by selfish intentions or interest. I can recognize our true intentions and predict the consequences of situations; they do not grant any help for an action that could be in contradiction with the good of others. Consequently, when we wish to call the guardian angel to solve a problem, it is important to set aside selfishness and turn thought of love and understanding to all those who live a situation similar to ours.

Our prayer thus takes on a wider meaning and includes more people, it helps us not to remain isolated in our concerns, however great these may be. Coming into communion with the angels is e asy. Take some time, even a quarter of an hour, and make sure that nobody disturbs you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Follow the rhythm of your breathing for a few minutes and try to visualize a large space. Then recite a small prayer, after which pray to him to help you with the problem you have.

Clearly formulate the request and then declare your readiness to confidently receive the answer that comes to you. Prepare to accept advice with detachment, as they may also be upset at the moment. Remember that the guardian angel addresses your soul and your spirit directly. Concentrate on trying to perceive his voice in yourself. If you are afraid of losing important elements of the answer, you can prepare a pen and paper on which to write down everything you receive.

When the conversation ends, thank the guardian angel for his speech – Thank you dear angel, for your wise advice and for your intervention -. Stay a few minutes with your eyes closed, trying to understand the profound meaning of what you have perceived. It is good to agree a little time to calmly analyze the response received. Remember that decisions depend only on yourself. Guardian Angel inspires a solution, suggests a way forward, takes us back to our mistakes, but never intervenes against our will.

It is possible that the first contact with the guardian angel will not be established so easily, but gradually, the moments of communication will become almost natural. At the same time, you will notice that you will feel stronger, more harmonious and serene, and you will observe that relationships with others also tend to change, as well as your way of seeing the events of life and the world around you. Keeping a diary can be useful for better objectifying progress made during life.

Resuming their content or reflecting on past events, we will attach more importance to some seemingly insignificant facts, but which, through further analysis, may reveal transformations of which we were not really aware. It is enough to take a notebook or a diary and write down everything that seems significant to you, as in a summary, a summary of the information, inspirations and answers you will get when you come into contact with the angels. Don’t forget to put the date on each entry to have a reference point.

Guardian Angel Prayer

Angel of God, who are my guardian
Enlighten me this night,
protect me, advise me and keep me,
that I was entrusted to you by the mercy and compassion of God.

Angel, my little angel, pray to God for my soul
and wherever I am, always be close to me
both day and night, until the hour of death.
I am small, you make me great,
I am weak, you make me strong.
Accompany me everywhere, protect me from all evil,
and take good care of me.


This post was published on November 18, 2019 9:29 am

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