Pahaliah Guardian Angel Born June 27 to July 1

Pahaliah guardian angel restricts the person’s possibilities of the initiative by bringing his goals to precise limits and ready for realization. To instill extreme vigor in his projects, precisely by narrowing their horizon, the will of the person will be so tenaciously concentrated and will not experience sagging.

Guardian Angel Pahaliah is in charge of restoring the Cosmic Law by giving maximum help to individuals in the fight against the enemies of the Universal Order, even in the fight against their drives.

Regardless of the circumstances and level of the person, with the help of Pahaliah’s guardian angel, he will be very successful. Martian energies always involve work and effort. In the first fight against disorder, the person will have to do it within himself, and if he wins, he will become master of his passions and demanding with himself.

This guardian angel helps to discover all the enigmas of religions and helps the conversion of peoples to Christianity. Dominate religion, morals, theology, and help find the right vocation.

Pahaliah Angel of Redemption

Anyone born under this divine influence develops a very strong personality from an early age, is a true fighter, always fighting for great ideals. He is a great optimist, master in the art of discernment, and loves to live in peace with everyone. He brings all the experiences he has had to this life, especially those relating to his family and children.

He cannot live alone, he needs to be happy, a faithful companion. He looks younger than he really is and he seems to have a lot of money, although he often has almost nothing. Your angel influences energetically when adapting to a situation. Working together with angels will help you materially. He will study the initiatory Kaballah and understand that the invisible world is as harmonious as the visible. He will be an intellectual, scholar of various subjects in all areas.

Pahaliah Prayer , Psalm 119:2 Domine, libera animam meam a labiis mendacii et a lingua dolosa

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