Pahaliah Guardian Angel Born June 27 to July 1

Pahaliah restricts the possibilities of initiative of the individual, bringing its objectives to precise limits and prompt implementation, with the aim of instilling extreme vigor to his projects, precisely by narrowing the horizon. The will of the person will be so tenaciously focused and will not know any sagging. This guardian angel is in charge of re-establishing the by giving the greatest help to individuals in the struggle against the enemies of the : even in the struggle against their own drives. In whatever circumstance and level the person is, with the help of Pahaliah he will succeed, even if the always involve work and effort. The first fight against disorder the person will have to do it within himself, and if he wins it, he will become master of his passions and demanding with himself.

Anyone born under this influence develops a very strong from an early age; is an authentic fighter, always fighting for the great ideals. He is a great optimist, master of the art of discernment and enjoys living in peace with everyone. It brings to this life all the experiences it has had, especially those related to family and children. He does not know how to live alone, needing to be happy, of a faithful companion. It looks less age than it actually has and a way of someone who has a lot of money, although often have almost nothing. Your angel influences energetically, when you accommodate to some situation. Working together with the angels will help you materially. He will study the initiatory Kabbalah and will understand that the invisible world is as harmonious as the visible. He will be an intellectual, scholar of various subjects in all areas.

Pahaliah Prayer , Psalm 119:2 Domine, libera animam meam a labiis mendacii et a lingua dolosa

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