Patience is a concentrate of strength

We live in a society that does not give the right value to patients. The important people, those who have power, do not wait, do not respect the shifts, jump the lines. Since our childhood, we are taught the classic idea that if we want something we must go and get it. True, a determination is important, but it is even more important to learn to be patient, to understand that success is wisdom, they need time.

To activate and exploit our cognitive patience, we must first understand that being patient does not make us more powerful towards the events of life, but rather allows us to have greater control over ourselves in all circumstances. Having cognitive patience also means training the ability to look at the world through the eyes of a child. We must recover interest, curiosity, instinctive love for details, and nuances.

We must adopt a demanding point of view. We must not allow ourselves to be carried away by the demon of haste, but only by the desire to know, to reach our truth about what we see, hear, or read. It is certainly not a passive ability, indeed it is the exact opposite. No process requires so much activity, dynamism, and open-mindedness as cognitive patience.

Studies such as those carried out at the University of Pasadena show that using this tool in everyday life allows us to reduce the risk of suffering from depression and other mood disorders. Patience is the wisest response we can use to the challenges that life holds for us every day.

Because only if we are patient and learn to process the world without haste and attention, we will be able to appreciate its details, its greatness and also its truth. Let’s train our attention and let ourselves go to the pleasure of calm, remember that patience is the force directed towards a goal.

If we look at the world hurriedly, we can no longer grasp its secrets. If we rush to get information quickly from anywhere in our surroundings, we often end up with half-truths. If we do not use our critical, analytical and reflective capacity, we will end up believing in falsehoods or we will miss the most relevant nuances of our reality.

It is important to understand that losing our cognitive patience makes us much more vulnerable to demagogy. In a world obsessed with haste and governed by this information that is transmitted within a few seconds, we all have an obligation to ourselves: to be prudent, demanding and meticulous.

This post was published on February 22, 2019 8:50 pm