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Perfectionism does not give us happiness

Perfectionism does not give happiness. Obsession with perfection is like trying to run into the sea or swim in the desert. This quote from an anonymous writer categorically states that human beings can not reach perfection in any area of ​​life. We are people and we have our faults and our virtues that make us distinct from each other. These details form our personality, with which we will have to live together until the day we die.

Perfectionism makes you unhappy

It is normal for the workplace to always reach perfection, to give it a more serious and professional impression. However, if we transfer this attitude to even the simplest and most humane areas of our lives, we will get more worries than normal and we will be unhappy. There is no other remedy to live with some aspects of our life that we do not like and accept them with a certain degree of optimism.

It is supposed that everyone wants to be happy in their life. With perfectionism we will get exactly the opposite. We are not omnipotent and we do not have a magic wand with which we can change the world as we please. This is why it is very important not to be obsessed with always wanting to do everything perfectly, because on many occasions it will be impossible to do it. In most cases, being a perfectionist only makes sure that self-esteem is reduced, since it is impossible to get to the level that is imposed, and this gives way to a concatenation of negative thoughts.

Perfectionism know the limits and set goals

How can one stop being a perfectionist person? It’s very simple. First of all, we must acknowledge that the most absolute and complete perfection can not be achieved. Then, know yourself well, in order to know what are your strengths and what are the weak points. If everyone knew how to do anything perfectly the world would be too boring and monotonous?

At the same time, it is not even possible to do everything and always satisfy others. For this reason, try to put limits on people, give priority to those who truly deserve your efforts, and sometimes try to think only of yourself. In this way, you are sure that you will get happiness much easier and you can finally enjoy life, with all the wonderful moments it offers.


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